Psychic Powers, Psychokinesis Power of Mind over Matter Weather Control

On this page I will discuss psychic ESP telekinesis power, or Mind over Matter. Psychokinesis has been demonstrated many times in the past, and many cultures believe people have this dormant ability. And if you look at the videos at this link and this link I can show you a demonstration of my using telekinesis to make clouds disappear and grow and controlling the wind by mind power. Weather telekinesis, also known as atmokinesis, atmoskinesis, meteokinesis, aerokinesis, is mind over matter psychic control of the weather. It is also called cloud busting, cloud bursting, cloudbusting, cloudbursting.
This brings up the possibility of whether psychic weather control is possible, such as ending droughts and changing the course of hurricanes. Note that peoples around the world have believed in psychic weather control, such as American Indians doing dances to bring rain, and in Finland it was believed that magical control of the weather was possible. The Viking deity Thor was said to have power over the weather, thunder and lightning. And Buddhist monks in China were said to have mystical powers of this type. As for me, all I can do is make clouds disappear or grow, or make the wind blow, and possibly make it rain. I can't move objects by psychokinesis. But I think I am a pretty good cloud psychic. I call myself a cloud shrinker. This could relate to my having received an electrical shock when I was young, I don't know if that is why I have cloud and wind control powers.
So is this a wizard practicing wizardry or a sorcerer practicing sorcery? I think actually it is a type of psychic ability that many people have. Other people have different psychic abilities, such as seeing the future, reading minds, and moving objects.
I have found that to do this weather psychokinesis I have to speak in a lower tone voice, and command the cloud to disappear or grow. It has something to do with the lower voice tone. Also, I can do this better if I am rested and my energy level is high. If I am tired I may not be able to do it. But could it be that some people are better at this and can make thunderstorms disappear, or even create thunderstorms or change the course of hurricanes. I would suggest that you readers of this page may want to try this yourself, try making a small cloud disappear. You might want to make a video of it, that you can post on Youtube. If enough cloud shrinkers would post videos online, then maybe scientists will start to see that people do have this ability of weather control. And if you are a rare individual who can make thunderstorms disappear or create them, then that would make quite a video. I do not know the limits of what this ability can do. Some cloud shrinkers may be able to change the course of hurricanes.
Lots of people have this ability to control clouds, wind, and the weather. If you try to do it, weather psychokinesis, you may find that you can do it.

I would recommend there be a rating of psychokinesis powers. Perhaps the scale would depend on the type of psychokinesis. How about this scale for Weather Psychokinesis:
Level 1: can vanish small clouds with considerable effort in 20 minutes.
Level 2: can grow or vanish clouds in 5 minutes.
Level 3: can grow or vanish clouds, and also control the wind, producing strong wind gusts within a minute. Also can bring rain.
Level 4: Can do all of the level 3 activities, plus cause lightning bolts on command.
Level 5: Can vanish thunderstorms, and change the course of hurricanes, and bring rain to drought areas.

This ability can also come in really handy if you are on a sailboat and there is no wind. That has happened to me twice recently. I was on a sailboat cruise and they said "sorry there is no wind". 5 minutes later after a little chanting by me the wind was blowing strongly and the boat was gliding along fast. And a previous time, on another sailboat cruise, they said there had been little wind for most of the summer, and there was no wind then. Well, I then got the wind blowing strongly, and they said it was the best wind all summer, the sailboat was moving fast. Also look very closely at the cloud when I try to disappear a cloud, in this May 2015 video, at 3-4 minutes, and you can see the cloud appears to be eaten by a ball of energy, chewing away at the cloud. I don't know what that is. It may mean that I psychically send up a ball of energy to eat the cloud.

Superhuman powers:

So do people have other kinds of superpowers, other than weather telekinesis? Yes, I think there are people with superpowers of various kinds, as in the X-Men movies. I think some people have superpowers including moving objects by psychokinesis, psychic healing, seeing into the future, seeing across space, telepathy including controlling the thoughts of another person, being in two places at the same time, possibly even making oneself invisible. I think different super powers exist in different people. One person may have a precognition superpower, another person a telekinetic super-power. Superhuman abilities of many different types do exist. As for me, the only super-human super-power ability I have is weather control of clouds and wind.

Recommended Books on Psychokinesis:

A book you may want to read on weather psychokinesis: "The PK Man: A True Story of Mind over Matter", by J. Mishlove, 2000, Hampton Roads Publishing Company Inc. This book is about Ted Owens, who is said to have psychokinesis power over the weather. Ted Owens is said in this book to have possibly brought heavy rain to Florida which was going through a severe drought, and to be able to produce lightning on command. Ted Owens is apparently a Level 5 in Psychokinesis Power. This book is definitely interesting reading. And Ted Owens's own book on his weather psychokinesis is: "How to Contact the Space People", Ted Owens, Global Communications, 2008.
Also, a good book that is generally on psychokinesis:
"Mysteries of the Unknown, Mind over Matter", Time-Life Books, 1988.
Subjects of interest in this book include:
- Ted Serios, who could make psychic photos on film.
- Dr. Rolf Alexander, in England, who could make clouds smaller.
- Nina Kulagina, in the Soviet Union, was a psychic who could move small objects by psychokinesis.
- Stanislawa Tomczyk, who around 1900 was able to make objects float by psychokinesis.

Another book that includes a discussion of some cases of psychokinesis:
"The Unexplained, Strange Talents", 1984, Orbis Publishing. Includes an article on Ted Serios, who could make psychic photos on film.

My own Weather Psychokinesis:

I actually noticed that I had the ability to make clouds disappear back in the 1980s. But after that I forgot about it, and it did not occur to me to try to make a video of it until 2008. When I found that I can still make clouds disappear, I then tried in 2009 to make videos where I make clouds grow and also control the wind. It does seem to have something to do with my voice, speaking commandingly with a lower tone voice helps me do it, and also I try to visually send energy to the cloud. I find it helps if I try to get excited and angry. And I try to speak in a low voice: "Cloud disappear", with the word "cloud" sounding like "ooom". And I try to turn my eyes upward.

Channeling on Psychokinesis:

Channeling on Psychokinesis Weather Control, Aug. 2 and Oct. 4 2009.
The channelings said that: Many people can do psychokinesis weather control. This powers dates back to Neanderthal Man. Interdimensional energy by particles faster than light disippates clouds. Activated by the Cerebral Cortex. Travels in the 5th dimension to warp space-time. Many have the ability. It is a gene. A matter of focus. It has helped primitive man survive. A matter of focusing the power. A relatively small percentage have the gene, under 5%, and most of them never try to use it. It enables energy flow to the clouds, faster than light in the 5th dimension. The energy goes through another dimension of space-time, refer to String Theory on this. This is done by energy warp, by altering another dimension. This is how psychic phenomena works. The energy flow is in another dimension. The mind will power acts in another dimension you don't see. An exchange of nuclear particles in another dimension. But this ability is much more powerful in T. Chase, who has a much more powerful ability. Others it is much weaker in.

My Weather Psychokinesis Videos:

Cloud psychokinesis video from March 2009. It took me just 2 minutes to make a cloud disappear.
March 2009 Cloud Psychokinesis

Cloud psychokinesis video from April 2009. Here I make clouds disappear again. I was getting better at it with practice.
April 2009 Cloud Psychokinesis

Cloud psychokinesis in May 2009. Here I tried to make a cloud grow larger, and to make a cloud darken. I was able to make a cloud darker, in the second part of this video, and later that day there was a thunderstorm. Did I cause the thunderstorm? I don't know, but possibly.
May 2009 Cloud Psychokinesis

Cloud psychokinesis in September 2009. Here I make clouds grow and shrink.
September 2009 Cloud Grow/Shrink Psychokinesis

Cloud psychokinesis in September 2009. Here I make a cloud grow and then shrink. I think this is my best cloud psychokinesis video. There are a lot of sceptics who say "the cloud was going to disappear anyways". But in this video I make a cloud grow on command and then shrink on command. Was that just coincidence?
September 2009 Single Cloud Grow/Shrink Psychokinesis

Wind psychokinesis in September 2009. On a day with no wind I tried to make the wind blow strongly, and it did.
September 2009 Wind Psychokinesis

Cloud psychokinesis in May 2010. Made a cloud disappear.
May 2010 Cloud Psychokinesis, Cloud Disappears

Cloud psychokinesis in Aug. 2010. Made some clouds disappear.
Aug. 2010 Cloud Psychokinesis, Clouds Disappear

Cloud psychokinesis in Sept. 2010. Attempted to make holes in a cloud, and I did.
Sept. 2010 Cloud Psychokinesis, Cloud Holes

Cloud psychokinesis in Sept. 2010. Attempted to make a cloud into a square shaped cloud, and I did.
Sept. 2010 Cloud Psychokinesis, Square Cloud

Cloud psychokinesis in Sept. 2011. Made a hole in a cloud.
Sept. 2011 Cloud Psychokinesis, Cloud Hole

Cloud psychokinesis in Feb. 2012. Make a cloud into a T shape.
Feb. 2012 Cloud Psychokinesis, T Shape Cloud

Cloud psychokinesis in July 2012. Make a cloud grow and then shrink.
July 2012 Cloud Psychokinesis

Cloud psychokinesis in July 2013. Cloud shrink.
July 2013 Cloud Psychokinesis, Cloud shrink

Cloud psychokinesis in August 2013. Make a cloud into a square shape cloud.
Aug. 2013 Cloud Psychokinesis, Square Cloud

Cloud psychokinesis in August 2013. Make a cloud disappear, then holes in a cloud.
Aug. 2013 Cloud psychokinesis

Cloud psychokinesis in October 2013. Make holes in clouds. Also see a word of four letters in the cloud at :45 seconds.
Oct. 2013 Cloud Psychokinesis

Cloud psychokinesis in August 2014. Make a cloud disappear.
Aug. 2014 Cloud psychokinesis

Cloud psychokinesis in September 2014. Make a cloud disappear.
Sept. 2014 Cloud psychokinesis

This video combines several of my weather psychokinesis videos into a 48 minute video.
Several weather psychokinesis videos

This video is on cloud psychokinesis, and includes 3 of my videos.
On cloud psychokinesis

Some of my best cloud psychokinesis videos from 2009 to 2017.
best cloud videos

Change clouds into shapes videos from 2010 to 2016.
change clouds into shapes

Cloud control videos from 2016 - 2017.
cloud videos 2016 - 2017

This video was made on May 30 2015. In it you can see what appears to be a slightly darker ball of energy that eats the cloud like "Pac-Man" in the "Pac-Man" video game. So psychically it appears I send this ball of energy to the cloud to eat it. See below still photos from it.
Vanish clouds psychically in May 2015, observe the ball of energy eating them

This video made in December 2009, is on whether psychokinesis that can control clouds and the weather, might also help with achieving personal goals such as losing weight or getting a job. Learning to do weather psychokinesis is definitely a way to build self-confidence.
The power of psychokinesis mind energy - control the weather, lose weight, get a job

Still photos from a Sept. 6 2009 video, where I make a cloud grow and another cloud shrink. This is the video:
September 6 2009 Cloud Grow/Shrink Psychokinesis

Video begins. 0:00 Minutes. (Time in the cloud portion of the video). I will try to grow a cloud, starting here. You see this portion of the sky is blank with no clouds.

1:00 Minutes. If you look closely you will see a very small cloud has started to grow.

1:15 Minutes. Significant cloud growth.

1:30 Minutes.

1:45 Minutes. Shape change to a ball.

2:00 Minutes.

2:30 Minutes. Shape change.

2:45 Minutes.

3:00 Minutes.

3:10 Minutes.

3:20 Minutes.

3:30 Minutes. Still growing.

3:40 Minutes.

3:50 Minutes.

4:00 Minutes.

4:20 Minutes. Larger.

4:30 Minutes. Larger.

5:01 Minutes. 2nd cloud grows. I don't know why this happened, I was still just trying to grow cloud.

5:45 Minutes. 2 clouds equal size. Still trying to grow clouds.

5:55 Minutes. End of growing clouds.

6:02 Minutes. Start shrinking a cloud, a different cloud in the sky.

7:02 Minutes.

7:30 Minutes. The cloud is smaller.

8:00 Minutes.

8:30 Minutes.

9:00 Minutes. Smaller.

9:30 Minutes.

10:00 Minutes.

10:31 Minutes. Cloud is gone.

11:00 Minutes.

11:20 Minutes. Stop.

Conclusions: This video shows that I can shrink a cloud faster than I can grow a cloud. But I do not know why in trying to grow the cloud the different shapes occur, including one cloud which appears to grow by depleting another cloud.

This video was made on May 30 2015. In it you can see what appears to be a slightly darker ball of energy that eats the cloud like "Pac-Man" in the "Pac-Man" video game. So psychically it appears I send this ball of energy to the cloud to eat it. See below still photos from it.
Vanish clouds psychically in May 2015, observe the ball of energy eating them

Still photos from this video that show the slightly darker ball of energy that eats the cloud when it gets next to it. An arrow shows where the energy ball is.
Time 2:03:14 (2 Minutes 3 seconds 14/100 seconds):














Conclusions: it appears the darker ball of energy "eats" the cloud when it gets near it. So this may be how cloud psychokinesis works, an energy ball under psychic control dissolves the cloud.

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