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Under Moon

2nd Sight Art
Under Moon
photomontage with paint
Austin Texas

"Oh, swear not by the moon...the inconstant moon that nightly travels in its circled orb." ~ William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Actually, this picture was designed within days of the big blackout that hit the east coast. I thought it was kind of weird, because I took pictures my daughter and her boyfriend had taken in NYC, reversed the colors (making night of day), and used a reversed negative of my daughter's face for the moon. It creeped me out that I had essentiall made a symbolic black out and then >voila< a blackout occurred.

I compensated by making this piece after noticing that the blackout evidently was caused by a malfunction in Homer Simpson's hometown of Springfield. I included a Life Magazine cover from the last big blackout, with a little doctoring.

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