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Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Horror

These are some screensavers I've assembled with pix from sci-fi, fantasy, and horror movies. I've never actually seen "1000 Corpses", but the pix looked great and I had fun putting the "cybermontage" together. You can download these and many other pix into a screensaver program at Webshots.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is the fulfillment of a 30-year dream of my own. Peter Jackson did what I always dreamed I might do one day. I never have become the film maker I thought I'd be in high school, but Peter Jackson succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

Here's one I had a little fun with. I refused to watch the X-Files until the 5th season. I saw the X-Files movie, liked it, and decided to give the show a try. What with syndication on 10-20 different networks you can easily catch every single X-File episode in short order, so I caught up with everything I missed and got hooked. I was very disappointed with the finale and am looking forward to the new X-Files movie David Duchovny said was being planned in a recent interview.

I don't care what the current sentiment is about The Matrix. It was a complex, fresh, innovative flick that made me want to see it again and again. I liked the second film, and I expect I'll like the third one as well. I suspect most people who diss the trilogy after raving all over the first installment simply don't have the attention span to add all the pieces together and have an intellectually-amplified good time. To those fair weather fans I say, "Whatever..."!

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