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About 2nd Sight Research

2nd Sight is an independent, private, non-funded think-tank dedicated to truth, justice, and the pursuit of happiness. We strive to present as many perspectives on issues as are available as well as presenting our own analyses and opinions. We believe it is imperative that information be made available to the public beyond what is easily found on mainstream media sources.

We don't claim to be omniscient, but freedom and the internet have allowed us to work toward that goal. You can help! If you know something we don't, let us know at one of our forums.

Many words on 2nd Sight web pages are links to other web pages, articles, or .wav files: if you select one of the links, simply use your browser's "back" button to return to the page you came from. 2nd Sight doesn't necessarily endorse all the views of linked site-owners, but they are guaranteed to give you something to think about. Some links serve to give insight into opposing viewpoints.

Use the links below -- in approximate order from older at top to newer at bottom -- to find topics of interest in 2nd Sight Magazine publications, 2nd Sight Research web pages, and 2nd Sight forums. If you encounter dead links, or wish to make a comment or contribute material for publication, please let the editor know via e-mail.

2nd Sight original art works can be used as screensavers or shared via the web so long as credit is given to 2nd Sight, with a link back to 2nd Sight Magazine. E-mail the Editor for info. See our page at Webshots to send these pix and many more as e-greeting cards.

2nd Sight Publications

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Cat Tales: Prose, Poetry, Parody, and Punnishment
Cat Tales Too
Catriona's Adventures in Cyberland

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Selected Web Pages

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Iraq War Dead
Sounds in the Dark
ESP: Extrasensory Perception
Media Madness
Light a Candle
Disaster in New York Harbor
Gypsies: The Rom
Psyche, the Psyche, and the Psychic Connection
The Changing Cycle of the Moon