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Kiara's Naalbinding Page

Welcome to my Naalbinding page. I took a class on March 3, 2002 from Sigrid, whose webpage is the first one linked below. The sock above is my finished product started at that class.

My second pair of socks went to the family reunion gift exchange a few years ago. I have now several pairs of socks and will be branching off into scarves after my current project is done. Then mittens are planned for next summer, followed by a garment called a shrug. Kinda like a sweater except it only covers the arms and upper back. The scarves and shrug are not period but they should be fun.

Purchased Yarn

Hand Spun Yarn

Wheel Spun Yarn
First Socks - Oatmeal
Felted Bag - Blue/Purple Wool/Llama
Scarf - Jacobs Sheep
Second Socks - Blue Magic
Mittens - Green/Purple Wool/Mohair
Scarf - BFL and Finn Sheep
Third Socks - Brown and Blue
Hat - Brown Llama
Green and Purple Stripe Socks
Crazy Bag
Red and Black Stripe Socks
Husky Hockey Hat
Multicolor Shrug
His and Her Scarves - Current Project



Sigrid's Naalbinding Page
Nalbinding Yahoo Group Lots of good sources and pictures in the Files section and the archived messages are a resource unto themselves.
Naalbinding by Phiala
Nalebinding at Regia Anglorum
Nålebinding Techniques in the Viking Age
German Naalbinding Groups Website Stitch Diagrams Jacinth's Info Mine - Naalbinding Links
Nalbinding: How I was taught to do it by Sigridr Thorvaldsdottir
Nalbinding 101:Introduction to the "Asle" Stitch
Finnish Naalbinding Site
Mittelalter Online German, I believe
Naalbindning Fingerless Gloves
Bernhard's Nadelbinden Site
Hat of Nalbinding
Triangular hat

Email: kiarapanther1 at yahoo

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