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Kiara's SCA Page

I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Its a historical living history group dealing with pre-17th century culture. It is mostly centered on Medieval and Renaissance Europe, but all other pre-17th century culture has been explored by one member or another. We have two types of events the indoor event (usually a "Feast") and the outdoor event (the "Tourney"). Tourneys can be one day events or multi day events. I like to camp at these multi day events.

Everyone is encouraged to chose a persona. Mine is a 16th century Irish woman from County Galway named Kiara ni Fhathaigh (or Ciar inghean ui Fhothaidh depending on how accurate I want to be). I live in the Kingdom of An Tir (Northwest US and Western Canada) in the Barony of Madrone (Seattle, WA). I currently hold the Office of Mistress of Lists. Lists is the office of organizing who fights who in our tourneys. I am a member of the An Tir Embellishers' and Embroiderers' Guild and the Costumers' Guild. I hold the rank of Junior Student in both. I am also a member of the Company of Painters and the Madrone Drama Company. I recently joined an online group called the Magpieguild. For all of us silly people who like bright, shiny objects.

I have many interests that relate to the SCA. I love to camp, sew, embroider, try new recipes, meet new people, act, take classes, paint, etc. I can do all of these things in the SCA and more. Below are some of my interests. Check out my Projects page to what I am currently working on.

SCA Topics

Household Stuff

House of the Feathered Horse My Household

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