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School Reviews

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Private Colleges:


  Australian Institute of Modern Languages, Sydney

1 star (be warned!)

  La Lingua, Sydney

3 stars

  Tokyo Language & Cultural Centre, Sydney

please rate

Universities - New South Wales:


  UNSW Institute of Languages, Sydney

please rate

  Insearch, UTS, Sydney

please rate

  University of Sydney

please rate

  University of Newcastle

please rate

  University of New England

please rate

  University of Western Sydney

please rate

Universities - Victoria:


  Monash University

please rate

  University of Melbourne

please rate

  La Trobe University

please rate

Universities - Queensland:


  University of Queensland

please rate

  Central Queensland University

please rate

Universities - Western Australia


  University of Western Australia

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Rating Key:


5 stars: Excellent


4 stars: Great


3 stars: Good


2 stars: Fair


1 stars: Poor


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