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Australian Institute of Modern Languages, Sydney

Overall Student Ratings: 1 Star (Poor)


Number of Reviews: 6

Student Comments:

Every student review of this school has been negative. Please read the student quotes below before handing your money over to this "Institute."

Teachers: "The main problem with the AIML is that my Japanese course is organised and taught by a non-native speaker. This means that I am learning another's mistakes. After class I needed to go home and look up the grammar to make sure what we learnt was right- and often it wasn't."

Course Material: "At 5 months of our 6 month course we are yet to receive the promised textbooks and dictionaries! We have had to rely on the printed course materials, written by a non-native speaker, which my Japanese friends enjoy to read for a laugh- saying "I wouldn't say that..." "That's not exactly right...""

Course Focus: "The focus of the course is on learning grammar- and not developing the ability to speak the language. It is frustrating to have spent 6 months studying and still be struggling to put a sentence together."

"The web-site makes promises that you will learn Japanese the super fast way using the school's cognitive methodology - bullocks that is such crap."

Administration: "It took such a long time to get the paper work for my student visa that for the first 2 months of the course I was continuously worrying if they would ever give me the documents. Needless to say I didn't learn much at the start of the course."

Favourite Quote: "One day we were sitting in class when a man entered the class room and asked if a Mr. X from the AIML was present. Mr. X asked who the stranger was, but would not identify himself as Mr. X. The man stated that the sign out sign indicated that the premises were those of the AIML and then proceeded to serve a court order onto Mr. X. What the contents of the order was I never found out- but I went home and cancelled my cheque before they banked it."



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