Imagine this:

You are a successful professional having a normal life of a modern executive. But you love getting haircuts, looking when a guy is getting one and dreaming about giving haircuts.

One day you find Aladdin´s lamp and ask for your wish: become a barber. Then your wish is granted: you can go, one afternoon a week, to a barber academy where you get between 4 and 6 customers per day, all guys, and you only have to pay 75 cents per hour. 

And that’s not all. Almost all of them will ask for very short haircuts and some will be forced by their parents. 

Wouldn’t that be heaven? 

Well, believe it or not, that’s what’s happening to me right now. I live in a Latin-American country where poor people look for saving every penny they can. I have found a barbering school in a very poor neighborhood where I go every Thursday. I pay US$ 2.25 and I am able to cut the hair of an average of 5 guys and to watch haircuts all around me. Besides that, right now it is in fashion to get short haircuts, and some schools are requiring very short haircuts for the boys. Am I lucky or what? 

I don’t’ think it is fair to keep this experience just for myself. So I have decided to share with you the true stories of haircuts I have done or saw and that have been special and exciting. 

In order to understand better the stories, let me describe this place. There is a waiting room where the customers have to wait for their names to be called. Customers have to enter alone to the cutting area where there are around 12 barber chairs. Students do the haircuts under supervision of 3 teachers who explain how to do each haircut and at the end, they make sure it was well done. No companionship is allowed in the cutting area.

Please excuse my English. Since it is not my mother language I am sure you will find many errors but I really hope you can get the idea and enjoy. Grammatical or orthographical corrections are welcome.


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