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Rare Photo of one of the secret trucks slipping away all night long further distancing the evidence from the WTC anomalous explosions,
only three months after Sept. 11, 2001

...scroll down for many original photos taken just weeks on the site of Ground Zero after the blasts.

what ever happened to the scrap steel from the twin holes at ground zero?

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Some of the many millions of bored and unemployed citizens of New York City [even if not citizens of the United States], sick and tired of all the War on Terrorism rhetoric and posturing, and waiting for an economic and social leader, which is not GW Bush nor Moneybags Mike the Billionaire Bloomberg

NYPD's "Finest"

"At your service, M'am!" ... a public servant responding to public needs.

James Corbett's "9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money" a must view video!

NEW WORLD ORDER, by Bryan Adrian, epic poem in AISLING, ARAN ISLANDS Druid monastary QUARTERLY

AISLING ancient Druid journal reports on Twin Tower toppling & vagaries of WTC Bldng #7: While some experts claim that airliner impact severely weakened the entire structural system, evidence is lacking. The perimeters of floors 94–98 did not appear severely weakened, much less the entire structural system. The criminal code requires that crime scene evidence be saved for forensic analysis but FEMA had it destroyed before anyone could seriously investigate it. FEMA was in position to take command because it had arrived the day before the attacks at New York’s Pier 29 to conduct a war game exercise, "Tripod II," quite a coincidence. The authorities apparently considered the rubble quite valuable: New York City officials had every debris truck tracked on GPS and had one truck driver who took an unauthorized one and a half hour lunch fired. Despite missing parts of floors 95–98, photos show no buckling or sag on other floors. If so, that boosts the likelihood that there was little damage to the core. Photos do not document what happened within the interior/core and no one was allowed to inspect and preserve relevant rubble before government authorities – primarily FEMA – had it quickly removed. Eyewitness testimony by those who escaped from inside the North Tower concerning core damage probably is unavailable.

Were the Druids really wiped off the face of the planet by hostile empires?

Polish-Jewish Architect Daniel Libeskind Assured He Will At Least Get to Design Cute little pedestrian sidewalks at Larry Silverstein's new WTC towers!

[summarized from June 19, 2003 New York Times article by Edward Wyatt]

Architect Daniel Libeskind's role in the third element of the rebuilding of the World Trade Center Site retains his idea of a 1776 foot Freedom Tower that will serve as an anchor for the Larry Silverstein and the Port Authority and the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. joint possessions.

According to a copy of a letter of intent with the Port Authority, the Libeskind firm will design a little unspectacular transit hall which is depicted as a triangular glass atrium in his aging sketches of the soon to be rebuilt trade and cash center.

The agreement reached yesterday also calls for Mr. Libeskind to design the pedestrian sidewalks in the terminal which will link PATH and major subway lines with the Silverstein-feather-in-his-cap juggernaut worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Mr. Libeskind will not be allowed to produce detailed architectural drawings for the train terminal or for the towers. That job will go to a more experienced architecture and engineering firm that has the full approval of Larry Silverstein.

Lingering Unanswered QUESTIONS over the SEPTEMBER 11 tower collapses & Pentagon BBQ

* Why was the US military preparing war plans against Afghanistan months before the September 11 attacks? Were they just looking for some event to propel the normally disinterested American public into a war, as in the past?

* How could paper documents incriminating bin Laden be found intact at the WTC, but the planes' "black box" flight recorders--designed to withstand crashes--were damaged beyond use?

* Even days and weeks after the WTC attack, why were news cameramen prevented from photographing the ruins from certain angles, as complained about by CBS correspondent Lou Young, who asked, "What are they afraid we're going to see?"

* Why has the NYPD liaison to the FBI been sent packing as a "security risk", as reported in the October 16 New York Times? Whose security is at risk? The FBI's? What is it that the Bureau does not want NYPD to know?

* How could an obviously sophisticated terrorist plan, involving perhaps as many as 100 persons and in the works for five years, escape the notice of our intelligence services, especially the FBI and CIA? And why, instead of cashiering those responsible for this intelligence failure and totally restructuring these agencies, are we doubling their budgets?

* Why did the WTC South Tower collapse first, when it was not as extensively damaged as the North Tower which burned for almost an hour and a half before collapsing?

* Why did many witnesses claim to hear further explosions within the buildings? And why did the destruction of the towers appear more like a CONTROLED IMPLOSION than a tragic accident?

* Why were no names of the named hijackers on any of the passenger lists? If they all used aliases, how did the FBI identify them so quickly?

* Why did one of the named hijackers take luggage on a suicide flight, then leave it along with an incriminating note in his car at the airport?

* If United Airlines Flight 93 crashed as the result of a struggle between heroic passengers and the hijackers, why did witnesses tell of a second plane which followed it down, falling burning debris, no deep crater and crash wreckage spread over a six-mile area, indicative of an aerial explosion?

* Why did news outlets describe the throat-cutting and mutilation of passengers on Flight 93 with box cutters, when Time magazine on September 24 reported that one of the passengers called home on a cellphone to report, "We have been hijacked; they are being kind"?

The Federal government, aided by a sycophantic mass media, did not allow rational thinking to interfere with a rush to judgement that Osama bin Laden was the culprit behind the attacks.


Not only Paul Bremer, up to his neck in the elite but still smelly manure of the 9/11 grifter "put options" con jobs, is a YALE SKULL & BONES secret society member & Star Chamber inner circle associate of Henry Kissinger & former CEO of Marsh McLennan/KROLL ---> also members of Yale elite sworn to secrecy occult societies, are the following well known names, if not Skull and Bones than a member of the equally clandestine and secret oaths of the other ultra elite Yale secret societies that take only 10-15 new members annually. 

אורים ותמים

NOTE:  Bernie Sanders was a complete nobody in Vermont politics for decades until his close friend, Richard Sugarman, who had also been the Yale roommate of Senator Joe Lieberman, a war hawk who had been secret society 'tapped' while at Yale [Lieberman rejected Skull & Bones and joined the equally prestigious ELIHU secret society, which taps only 16 members annually, slightly different than Skull & Bones, which taps only 15 each year]; Sugarman had used his eye of the pyramid pull to finally get a win in local Vermont elections for the until then unwinnable Bernie, who FINALLY won his first election by only 10 votes.


Occult societies  of Yale:

Elihu Secret Society

Wolf's Head          

Delta Kappa Epsilon

22 June 1844 - Present

Scroll and Key1842 - Present
A secret society of interest.

Skull and Bones1832 – Present --The most elite US secret society, largely unknown until its influence was publicised by Antony Sutton, who highlighted in particular its members' apparently insatiable desire for power and their mutual loyalty in spite often of public antagonism. Other members (below) of the elite oath taking secret society Yale members: (if they reveal any secrets or break their sworn oath it is said they agree to have their skull drilled and drained of blood and brains, like in ancient secret societies, called 'trepanning')

ELITE MEMBERS ONLY: Naomi Wolf, Oliver Stone, Michael Parenti, Howard Dean, Anne Applebaum, Ben Carson, Dick Cheney, Jerry Brown, John Bolton, Jay Carney, John Ashcroft, David Gergen, Porter Goss, Gary Hart, Frederick Kagan, Robert Kagan, Paul Krugman, Scooter Libby, Samantha Power, Robert Rubin, Bob Woodward, Janet Yellen, Fareed Zakaria..... and many many others.


Skull and Bones is a secret society that has admitted 15 senior year students annually since it was founded in 1832[2]. Within 50 years, the group had effective control over the finances of Yale University. It continued to increase its influence, becoming an organ of great importance to the US deep state. Its continued importance in US deep politics is illustrated by the fact that the 2004 US Presidential election was a choice between two bonesmen:- John Kerry and George W. Bush.


DOONESBURY in Sept 17 1987 publication

 Garry Trudeau, elite member of YALE secretive brotherhood SCROLL AND KEY,

(same oath taking swearing in as Skull and Bones)   

Foretelling of the Apprentice in 1989 DOONESBURY publication

On August 1, 2016, Trudeau appeared on MSNBC on The Rachel Maddow Show He was brought on to discuss his ability to predict and accurately write about Donald Trump's plans to run for president almost three decades earlier. Maddow presented cartoon strips from as far back as 1987. Trudeau was on her show to promote his new book Yuge, which covers 30 years of Trump appearing in Doonesbury!!

Garry Trudeau, creator of cartoon Doonesbury, cooperated extensively with Wired magazine for a 2000 profile, "The Revolution Will be Satirized". He later spoke with the writer of that article, Edward Cone, for a 2004 newspaper column in the Greensboro, North Carolina News & Record, about the war wounds suffered by the Doonesbury character "B.D.", and in 2006 did a Q&A at Cone's personal blog about The Sandbox. Trudeau granted an interview to Rolling Stone in 2004 in which he discussed his time at Yale University, joined the secret society Scroll and Key (just as secretive and powerful as Skull and Bones) which he attended two years behind George W. Bush. He granted another Rolling Stone interview in 2010. In 2006, The Washington Post printed an extensive profile of Trudeau by writer Gene Weingarten. He appeared on the now dishonored sex offender Charlie Rose television program, and at signings for The Long Road Home: One Step at a Time, his Doonesbury book about B.D.'s struggle with injuries received during the second Gulf War.


Cartoonist Garry Trudeau has been writing about Trump and a possible run for the presidency for nearly 30 years, prompting Trump to call him “a third-rate talent,” “a sleazeball,” “a jerk” and “a total loser.” Trudeau is the creator of the popular comic strip “Doonesbury” and the first cartoonist to win the Pulitzer Prize. In September 1987, Trudeau published a series of comic strips that now seem prophetic. In one strip, reporters ask Trump a series of questions about his political ambitions to run for Congress, and Trump responds, “President, think president.” Trump has remained a frequent character in “Doonesbury” ever since, giving Trudeau a chance to make fun of everything from Trump’s hair to his ego to his rampant use of insults. His cartoons have just been collected in a new book titled “Yuge!: 30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump.”

AMY GOODMAN: We turn now to a man who’s been described by Donald Trump as “overrated,” “a sleazeball,” “a jerk” and “a total loser.” He’s a man who’s been writing about Donald Trump and a possible run for the presidency for nearly 30 years. We’re talking about the cartoonist Garry Trudeau, creator of the popular comic strip Doonesbury. He’s the first cartoonist to win the Pulitzer Prize.

In September 1987, Trudeau published a series of comic strips that now seem prophetic. In one strip, reporters are asking Trump a series of questions: “Mr. Trump, your denials notwithstanding, don’t the ads you took out suggest a testing of the political waters?” Trump responds, “As I have said before, I was simply acting as a concerned citizen! At this time, I have no, repeat no, political ambitions whatsoever!” A reporter then asks, “Okay, but if you did run for Congress…” Trump then responds, “President, think president.” Another strip from 1987 features Trump being asked, “Mr. Trump, as a developer of luxury condos and casinos, do you think you’d have any rapport at all with voters of modest means?” Trump responds, “Are you kidding? I’ve spent my whole life working with people of modest means!” “In what capacity?” he’s asked. Trump says, quote, “Evicting them! I’ve seen how these people live!”

WTC Surveillance Tapes Feared
Missing -- Proof of an
Inside job on 9-11-01

C4 and Kerosene residue found in three WTC former deep basements -- still not reported in major media ...

Mon, 1:31 PM ET U.S. National - AP

By SARA KUGLER, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK (AP) - Surveillance tapes and maintenance logs are among the missing evidence as investigators try to figure out why the World Trade Center collapsed, federal officials said Monday. Many documents destroyed in the disaster "are pretty key in carrying out the work," lead investigator Shyam Sunder said. The 110-story towers collapsed after two hijacked jetliners plowed into the buildings in lower Manhattan on Sept. 11, 2001. Nearly 2,800 people were killed. Two hypotheses on the cause of the collapse have emerged since the National Institute of Standards and Technology began its $23 million probe three months ago. Both theories agree the jetliners damaged floor joints and columns inside and outside the buildings. But they vary on whether the fire-weakened columns failed and alone brought down the buildings or whether floor trusses sagged in the intense heat, pulling the columns inward to collapse. The lost records probably contain vital information that could help answer questions, Sunder said. Investigators are trying to locate copies of many destroyed documents from the building's owners and city agencies. Also missing are the original contract specifications for the buildings from the early 1970s. Many believed the towers were built to withstand the impact of a Boeing 707 — the largest aircraft at the time, but much smaller than the jets that crashed into the buildings. Researchers plan to spend two years on the study. They will analyze trade center wreckage, rely on steel manufacturing experts and interview survivors, victims' relatives and rescue workers. They have also created a database of more than 1,900 photographs shot that day as the towers burned and fell and are asking for more. They are especially interested in photographs showing the south face of 7 World Trade Center, which was not hit by a plane but burned for hours before collapsing. An earlier federal study directed by a civil engineering group was criticized for not examining evacuation procedures.


The Math The Feds Gave us on WTC casualties, just don't add up ... unless
we are using X-Files sliderules or Quantum Algorithms!







Approximate NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN EACH TWIN TOWER [bare minimum] at any given time between 6AM and 6PM: 25,000

NUMBER OF Morgan Stanley employees who worked on floors 43 through 74 of just one tower: 2,500 [not counting security guards, custodians, temps, floating secretaries, consultants, etc.]

Out of this above, ONLY 293 INTACT BODIES WERE FOUND

The Bellevue Morgue, East 30th Street, holds the remains [19,906 human body pieces] in 16 refrigerated trailers that had been removed from the notorious FRESH KILLS LANDFILL.

Only 4735 of these remains have been identified.

One person was blasted alone into 200 of these found remains.

Of the 1401 people identified, 33 were from FLIGHT 11 [which struck the North Tower].

12 people have been identified from these remains from FLIGHT 175 [which struck the South Tower].

UPDATE: The number of total killed in the Sept. 11th disaster is now reduced down to 2,797. Three people on the deceased list were discovered alive, and one duplicated name was eliminated. The three people's names are 1). Maria Bengochea [46]; 2). Germaan Castillo Garcia [36]; and 3). Ellen Borakove.

All three are still alive despite that fact that their names were read at the highly publicized Ground Zero Ceremony.

The US bombardment of Afghanistan has killed at least 3,767 civilians, according to the first independent study made into civilian casualties in the war-torn country.

‘Ground Zero’ All About profits of Larry Silverstein and the feuding between Lower Manhattan Development Corporation [LMDC] with the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey [PA]


Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Rebuilding officials said yesterday that the master plan for the World Trade Center site would be done by Jan. 31, just six weeks after proposals from seven teams of architects are presented to the public. The rapid timeline means officials will be soliciting public comment on the design teams' new ideas at the same time that the two lead rebuilding agencies are ruling out some of the ideas. "These are parallel processes, and they will take place at the same time," said Michael A. Petralia, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the trade center site and is overseeing its redevelopment along with the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. Mr. Petralia added that although the schedules overlap, public comment will be taken into account by the two staff members working on the master plan. Major players are Stanton Eckstut, a consultant to the Port Authority and a principal at the firm of Ehrenkrantz, Eckstut & Kuhn, and Alexander Garvin, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation's vice president for planning, design and development. They will begin developing a single master plan shortly after the seven new designs are unveiled, on Dec. 18. The plan will be developed in consultation with Silverstein Properties, the company headed by the developer Larry Silverstein, which holds the lease on office space for the site, and its partner, Westfield America [an Australian company], the company that owns the retail rights. The plan will be presented to a group of directors of the two agencies by the end of January, according to a memorandum of agreement between the Port Authority and the development corporation that was released yesterday. The master plan will include details on the location of the site's new PATH station and other transportation elements, on the restoration of streets, on parcels for commercial development and on the placement of a memorial. It will also include an estimate of the cost of the project and it will outline how development will proceed. Because the memorial is likely to draw millions of visitors each year, project officials have said they do not want the 16-acre site to look like a perennial construction zone. So space that eventually might be developed for office buildings, for instance, could be used initially as open parkland. While the Port Authority and the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation have vowed to work together on the master plan, Mr. Eckstut and Mr. Garvin have a longstanding professional rivalry. Mr. Eckstut, who was the director of the urban design program at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture for 15 years, created the master plan for Battery Park City, which won several prestigious design awards. Mr. Garvin, an adjunct professor of urban planning and architecture at Yale, was the lead planner for NYC2012, the group that has orchestrated the city's bid for the 2012 Olympic Games, and he is the author of "The American City," considered a seminal textbook of urban planning. In May, when the Port Authority and the development corporation were first seeking an urban planning firm to oversee the rebuilding at the trade center site, Mr. Eckstut's firm was a finalist for selection as the master planner. But another finalist, Beyer Blinder Belle, won the job after Mr. Garvin cast a ballot that gave all of the other firms in competition far lower scores than any of the other judges did!

GROUND ZERO, SAINT PATRICK'S DAY, 2002 [a photo album of fotos taken less than six months after the demolition of WTC Towers Sept. 11, 2001

St. Patrick's Day 2002 celebrant, Mr. X [not shown yet to protect the innocent], after a few pints, tries to crabwalk sideways onto the viewing platform of the Ground Zero craters, hoping to get behind the scenes and expose the fraud taking place in our national media, with his nifty digital camera from Costco.

Here above is a live action photo of the cop that wants to crush X's bones, Officer Lamm, NYPD, because X asked him repeatedly WHY an NYPD Police Officer lets in his friends and favorites onto the Ground Zero Viewing Platform, WITHOUT the official tickets, like a sleezy nightclub bouncer, rather than as a dignified public servant.

Quiller for Hire (Mr. X) very nearly handcuffed!!

Historic physical and pertinent statistics compiled on Ground Zero up to St. Patrick's Day:

Paul Ashlin, a senior vice president at Bovis Lend Lease, is now managing the cleanup work for the city. Amec Construction Management, ... their workers are helping clear the site of debris. Dan Hahn, an engineer at Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers, is advising the city on the "bathtub". 6 World Trade Center - a building known as the Customs House on the northwest part of the site. "The remaining structure on building 6 is badly overstressed," Mr. Ashlin said. Not only are almost all traces of the World trade center towers now nearly gone, but with the removal of 1.4 million tons of debris in 98,000 truckloads, the work has shifted to the bottom of a pit that is 70 feet below the streets, that could be completely flooded by the Hudson River any moment, any day now. As of yesterday morning, about 755 bodies had been identified, with 147 firefighters among them. Work is still progressing on hundreds, if not thousands, of DNA samples, which could significantly increase these totals. Altogether, 343 firefighters were lost Sept. 11. Like the search for remains, the work to shore up a 70-foot-high retaining wall [called the "bathtub"] that encompasses the site is nearing its final stages. Already workers from Nicholson Construction Company, which is installing the tiebacks, can sense they are nearing the job's end. But like the firefighters working at the other end of the pit, they so far have shown no hints that their dedication is waning.

FEMA phooey!!!
"FEMA Furor As Deadline Approaches
and Only 85 of 72,000
Displaced NYC Workers Given Any Kind of Aid!"

June 24, 2002 -- With only 100 days left to qualify for emergency aid, about 72,000 New Yorkers displaced by the Sept. 11 terror attacks are desperately waiting for the federal government to review their applications. So far, only 3,000 out of 72,000 displaced workers and residents [nationally] have received assistance through FEMA's Mortgage and Rental Assistance program, advocates for the displaced said yesterday. "I think this is such a national scandal. We have only 100 days for this to be fixed so that people who lost their jobs can survive," said Margaret McHugh, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition. In May, FEMA promised to review an additional 7,000 applications - which are only available in English - but got to only 600. Of those, only 85 of our New Yorkers have been helped. Even those who had been receiving aid, accused FEMA of bungling their cases and cutting them off without good reason. Cherry Kwunyeun, who lost her job as a consultant in the World Financial Center and who lives north of Canal Street, said she received three months of assistance before FEMA deemed her ineligible and the checks stopped coming. "They told me they thought I had moved and that my income was not effected," Kwunyeun said. "But none of that is true." After several calls and letters written to FEMA, Kwunyeun said she has lost her confidence in the government agency. Joining the advocates for aid were Democratic Reps. Carolyn Maloney and Nydia Velasquez, who also blasted FEMA's performance. "To date, FEMA has failed to assist almost 100,000 New Yorkers because of long, red-taped bureaucratic roadblocks," said Maloney.

GROUND ZERO, SAINT PATRICK'S DAY, 2002 [a photo album of fotos taken less than six months after the demolition of WTC Towers Sept. 11, 2001

World Trade Center ... bogus and kinda silly light show we are stuck with ... whatever happened to the magnificent holograms of WTC1 & 2 we were promised, and which written up about last year in "Der Spiegel" magazine, over in Germany??

FDNY Firemen, on St. Patrick's Day, at Ground Zero

WTC amateur night Light Show

WTC amateur night Light Show [another view]

Truck at Ground Zero, carrying away assorted 6-month old body parts ... and also valuable scrap steel.

Yet Another Cop that lets in his friends without tickets to enter the WTC Viewing Platform, Officer Calazo, ... or is he a misplaced nightclub bouncer, very well impersonating an NYPD police officer?!

"You ain't gettin in!!" the cop told Quiller for Hire

..... truth tellers, are you preparing for the Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's commandos and Navy Seals to bust down your bathroom door for questioning the veracity of our media, and asking if our President has ever told a lie??

..... Quiller for Hire, on the subway, destination, Ground Zero to see the WTC craters.

Calvinism at Ground Zero?

The Three Kings of Ground Zero

Still photo from the film, "The Decision", coming to your theatre soon!

......the film "The Decision".


WTC amateur night Light Show [another view]

WTC amateur night Light Show [another view]

They BOTH didn't like the WTC Viewing Platform,
... and it certainly shows!

Mitt Romney, this one is for you ...

"How do you spell GW Butch," she asks!

The people on this subway car, far from Ground Zero, never heard of September 11th and couldn't care less.

Two sporty tourists.

A cute tourist

Another cute tourist, slightly older

This is all the view the best photographers from THE NEW YORK TIMES [two shots below] were allowed by the security apparatus of Larry Silverstein's WTC property, paid for in large part by New York and New Jersey taxpayers.

Good Bye!!

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