Pushcart Prize Nominations

Cynthia, Badlands, South Dakota (Doug Beasley)



A House in Carlock by Kathleen Kirk
(Broadside #20, Fall 2010)

The Allentown Aubades by Matthew Hittinger
(Winter 2010)

Thinking about O’Hara on the Way to Sunday by Mia
(Fall 2010)

Linea Nigra by Pamela Johnson Parker
(Broadside #17, Winter 2010)

For the Film New Orleans Mon Amour by James Robison
(Broadside #19, Summer 2010)

Cahiers du Cinéma by Marcus Speh
(Fall 2010)



Fantasy for Cello and Orchestra by Amy Lemmon
(Broadside #13, Spring 2009)

Survivor Tactics by George Moore
(Fall 2009)

Please by Allan Peterson
(Fall 2009)

Laocoön in Toledo by Askold Skalsky
(Spring 2009)

Alchemy at the Maykadeh: Dinner with Philip Lamantia by Eileen Tabios
(Spring 2009)

S.E.W.N. by Changming Yuan
(Fall 2009)



Patty Hearst on the Occasion of Her Presidential Pardon by Collin Kelley
(Broadside #10, Spring 2008)

Writers’ Tour of Kayford Mountain— October 16, 2006 by Jeff Mann
(Spring Supplement 2008)

Zen and the Art of My Brother by Felicia Mitchell
(Broadside #11, Summer 2008)

Minarets, Incense, Beggars by Oliver Rice
(Winter 2008)

Lament by Amy Riddell
(Fall 2008)

See a Cliché, Be a Cliché by Susan Terris
(Broadside #9, Winter 2008)



A Portrait of God as Table Wine by Arlene Ang
(Winter 2007, Featured)

Marilyn M. Thinks About French & Russian Dogs by Susan Terris
(Winter 2007, Featured)

Love Poem for Los Angeles by Sandra Beasley
(Summer 2007, Featured)

As If I Were Conceived In Her Diorama by Melissa Buckheit
(Summer 2007, Section III)

epic by Mark DeCarteret
(Summer 2007, Section IV)

Visiting my sister in Australia by Pui Ying Wong
(Summer 2007, Section IV)



Father Speaks of Poetry by Johnson Cheu
(Spring 2006, Featured)

From Old Books Someone Waves by Robert Klein Engler
(Spring 2006, Featured)

Coyote by Vicki Hudspith
(Broadside #3, Summer 2006)

The Cunt Compendium by Lynne Knight
(Winter 2006, Featured)

Birthroom by Dorianne Laux
(Winter 2006, Featured)

After Hours at the Glad Light Diner by Robert Lietz
(Fall 2006, Featured)



Portrait in a Free Trade World by J. P. Dancing Bear
(Winter 2005, Featured)

Postcard from the Upper Peninsula by Lightsey Darst
(Winter 2005, Featured)

A Problem of Infinities by Lynne Knight
(Summer 2005, Featured)

The Synagogue of Cairo by Oswald LeWinter
(Summer 2005, Section V)

stigma: a botany lesson by Evie Shockley
(Winter 2005, Featured)

Two Operations And An Impossible Third by r. l. swihart
(Summer 2005, Section I)



Aviary by Rebecca Loudon
(Summer 2004, Featured)

Anticipating War by William Neumire
(Summer 2004, Section IV)

Of wives and mothers by P. J. Nights
(Spring Supplement 2004, Featured)

Dead Letters by Lee Passarella
(Summer 2004, Section I)

Parabola by Natasha Sajé
(Winter 2004, Featured)

My Father-in-Law from the Country of the Dead by Ioanna Warwick
(Winter 2004, Featured)



Outside the rain has brought up worms by Alan Catlin
(Summer 2003, Section III)

Tonight by Nathalie Handal
(Spring 2002, Featured)

Limbo by Lisa Katz
(Winter 2003, Featured)

Immigration by Fernand Roqueplan
(Summer 2003, Section II)

Melospiza melodia, Mon livre d’oiseau by Eleni Sikelianos
(Summer 2003, Featured)

The Basement Room by Susan Terris
(Winter 2003, Featured)



maps and legends by Daphne Gottlieb
(Winter 2002, Featured)

girl on the tracks by Marty McConnell
(Spring Supplement 2002, Featured)

Speechless in September by E. Ethelbert Miller
(Winter 2002, Section I)

What I Was Called in Sleep by Marge Piercy
(Spring Supplement 2002, Section II)

Persephone in the Field by Andrea Potos
(Spring Supplement 2002, Section I)

Nútungktatoka by Kirby Wright
(Summer 2002, Section IV)



In My Body of Skin by Ruth Daigon
(Winter 2001, Featured)

The Cliff Divers of Acapulco: Thanksgiving Day by Robert Klein Engler
(Winter 2001, Section I)

Tunnel of Love by Vicki Hudspith
(Summer 2001, Section IV)

Opening by James Owens
(Summer 2001, Section II)

American Hunger by Nichole L. Shields
(Winter 2001, Section III)

The Psalmist, After Johnny Cash's 'Oh Bury Me Not' by Virgil Suaréz
(Summer 2001, Featured)