the broadside series


Blue Fifth Review
Volume VIII. Issue 1
January 2008

Susan Terris
( California )


See a Cliché, Be a Cliché

Be a whistling girl again
Ignore the red sky morning
Step on many cracks
Walk under every wooden ladder

He says he doesn’t mind the missing 
Breast doesn’t care about the money
Says he wants to be happy
And running away might be the ticket

Don’t imagine how it would feel
To be that older woman
What does he see in her
Yes the one who’s always grateful

Don’t think of the ceremony the house
The bed the whispers snaking
Along behind the way you’d have to
Leave the garden and relearn trust

Don’t say break a leg or turn back
Avoid thinking fat or thin
Use your heart not your head
A head is so hard much too hard

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