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Twenty-eight poets.

Forty poems.

The second issue of Blue Fifth expands the envelope a bit, in both form and content, and I believe you'll find something about it to your liking. I know that I'm pleased—especially with the photographs by Cheryl Dodds and Cheryl Townsend.

Prepare yourself for an encounter with some strong, important voices—voices that are appearing in major literary journals in America and on an international level… Virgil Suárez, Ace Boggess, Vicki Hudspith, Janet I. Buck, and more.

Summer 2001 deepens the vision I have for Blue Fifth and sets a high standard for future issues.


Sam Rasnake

Featured Poet - Virgil Suárez
I - Driving With Strangers
II - Water Bird Practicing On Concrete
III - Double Layers
IV - Weary With Desire


Current Issue - Summer 2001