Blue Fifth Review
Summer 2001

Jimmy's by Cheryl Dodds


Volume I. Issue 2
20 June 2001

... Second Issue ...

New works by

Ace Boggess   Danna Jae Botwick   Alan Britt   Janet I. Buck

Sara Claytor   Laura Cross   Cheryl Dodds   Robert Klein Engler

Richard Fein   Cheryl Hicks   Vicki Hudspith   Linda Hutchison

Annette Marie Hyder  Larry Jaffe  Edison Jennings  M.L. Liebler  Lyn Lifshin

Terry Lowenstein   Yvonne Morris   James Owens   Kimberly Townsend Palmer

Diane Reynolds   Nichole L. Shields   R.A. Skeens   Maureen Solomon

Virgil Suárez   Janaka Stucky   Cheryl A. Townsend   Gary J. Whitehead 


...from the editor

Featured Poet - Virgil Suárez

The Poetry Sections

I - Driving With Strangers
II - Water Bird Practicing On Concrete
III - Double Layers
IV - Weary With Desire

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