Featured Poets

Barbara A. Taylor & Moira Richards

( Australia & South Africa )


Fiddling With Their Blarney

a snowstorm of petals
over the equator
taking off the layers
four weeks early
a grey dove scooping 
my white catís fur 
from the hedgerow 
away from the headlines
still working for peace
a cold moon
winding shrouds of mist
around the newly dead 
colourful changes
for the house on the hill 

sending the banks
over the brim
a sudden crash
lightning frightens the sky

do these silver streaks 
mean Iím too old 
for summer love?

my holidayís romances
courtesy Mills & Boon 
dressed in drag
a gallant knight
sweeps me off my feet
stomp stomp stomp
our giant carbon footprints
throughout generations
the family trees
of destruction
a forest turning
into the shades of flame
in the moonlight 
a smoke on the porch
with six pumpkins
Linus dear
come on in already! 
round and round
an antlion carefully bores 
its sandy pit
to hell with our work
letís go to the beach
mexican waves
waver, ripple, reel 
across the bleachers 
beware the wee folk
fiddling with their blarney
singing their songs 
of sixpence, baby birds 
all baked in a pie
losing a tail 
for the grand lift off ! 

Editorís note: This triparshva was written by Internet collaboration 12 August 2008 to 12 December 2008. Taylorís lines are in standard text; Richardís lines are in italics.

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