Spring 2009

Ten by Li Chevalier

For many years, historians debated whether or not “Carbó Frescos” were indeed the work of Carbó himself. Helen Bloom Vendler (3582-3641, a historian who could trace her lineage back to Helen Vendler and Harold Bloom, two famous literary critics of Duhamel’s time [who, ironically, ignored Duhamel completely]) is credited with finding actual writing samples of Duhamel so that the frescos could at last be attributed to her. “Carbó Frescos” miraculously survived coastal erosion, wars, and plagues and are now on permanent display in the “Carbó Fresco Room” in the New Mexico Museum of Art and History.

– from “Carbó Frescos,” Denise Duhamel

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Eileen Tabios

Jessy Randall & Daniel M. Shapiro

Bob Bradshaw

Diana Woodcock & Li Chevalier

Pris Campbell & Scott Owens

Martin Willitts, Jr.

Dana Guthrie Martin, Jo Hemmant & Erena Rae

Carolee Sherwood & Jill Wickham

Askold Skalsky

Barbara Taylor & Moira Richards

Orly Orbach & Rachel Lehrman

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