Spring Supplement 2006

poets & artists

The Tempest by Gerhardt Thompson

This ray is the running South,
this circle is the West,
the tangles that the wind made
with its brightest chapters
and noon is upright like
a pole that supports the sky
while the pure lines
fly from silence to silence, until
they are the slim birds of the air,
the directions of joy.

Pablo Neruda, "Standing Naked"
(Trans. Stephen Mitchell)

Edison Jennings           Will Roby           E. Ethelbert Miller

J. P. Dancing Bear

Michal Macku           Steve Timm

Peter Pereira           Jeff Encke           Hiroshi Watanabe

Robert Klein Engler

Johnson Cheu           Rich Murphy            Gary Beck

Gerhardt Thompson           Oswald LeWinter           Rodney Gomez

Peter Krok           Doug Beasley

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