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This is my first page of names for your use. I hope you find what you want.

Note: To those of you who have been
here before you will notice that this
page looks different. Somehow this whole
page came up amongst the missing. I am
replacing it with the newest names. It
would take forever to search the names
to find the ones that were here.

Janet 7Janet 8Janet 9Janet 10
Janet 11TeresaJanice 2Robin 2
Robin 3SherryDakotaLinda 4
Linda 5Tracy 1Tracy 2Suzie 2
Donna 10GerriLinda 6Louise
Liz 3Judie 1SandyCyndi
CherieBeveFran 4Angel
ShannonChuckDixieFran 5
Fran 6Fran 7NeceNita
NikkiPatty 4Jo 2Peg 4
Peg 5Joan 7Joan 8Dolly