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But exhort one another daily, while it is called To day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin. Hebrews 3:13
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Ah, Hitometer!

2002/07/19. Hitometer here. Hitometer there. Hitometer goodbye. You were a good friend. Naw. Too bad. So sad. It was a wonderful way to gain hoards of private information from who-knows-how-many websites. Still, however, it is the end of an era. I sigh. Hitometers since day one. (I even made my own XHTML-complaint Hitometer JavaScript source.)

Hitometer is dying. Except for AOL members, or some such nonsense.

Now, does anybody want to make a replacement? I dare you. Yes, I dare you. We need it. Hitometer sent statistics, blah-blah, and blah. But, it can be improved. What about having an email-based statistics system, which can be distributed to any server, thus allowing independent businesses to run their own Hitometer services? Why not call it Webeat--just kidding. :-)

My Hitometer currently (at 23:07 hours) reads 9521--that is exclusively home page hits. I have no idea how many so-called "hidden" hits I have.

An update! Whew!

2002/07/10. I'm going to Texas tomorrow. It's been forever since I've updated this, but my heart cannot leave the Internet alone. I have thousands of things online at Myersdaily. It's crazy that I've left this site alone--it gets all the traffic, I suppose. Thanks everyone, by the way--my Chemistry teacher discovered my name is ranked #1 in Google! There must be a lot of links! This could be called yt-jmyers-texas-7-10.txt (for all you people with a computer sense of humor). If anybody wants to help out (I'm not sure with what--your ideas are welcome!), I'd be glad to get mail at

I almost hate to destroy my homepage as it is (or was) now--even with the syntax error I made (<h3><h3>MyersDaily</h3>, which clogs up some randomly-chosen browsers).

For the benefit of all you linkers, I'll give my "Make-a-Link" script. (Obviously, you're supposed to change the text "this one cool page" to whatever you think defines this page or makes it interesting.)

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Can You Help?

2002/07/21. Anybody want to see this page get 10,000 hits before the Hitometer stops working? On August 15th, Netscape is pulling Hitometers from all sites except their AOL homepages.

Just for fun, I want to see if I can collect enough visitors to change the counter to 10,000 before it disappears.

Can you copy this onto your pages?

<a href="">Joseph
Myers</a>, e_mayilme @

I've kept this site since the beginning of the last month Angelfire had no ads (before I turned 17). Sometimes I've forgotten about it, and then some teacher tells me, "Hey, I found you on the Internet!" It's almost historic, I guess.

Let's make it our vanity game. Email it, paste it, post it, yell about it! See if we can make it to 10,000!

:-) Thanks a trillion! :-)

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