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Teen People Article (21 Under 21)
(Also included... A Britney video!)

Teen People Article (21 Under 21) | Top

Age: 17

She's sexy and 17, and the way she growls, "Oh, baby, baby" seems very grown-up -- but pop's reigning queen is first and foremost a nice Southern girl (no matter what conclusions you jumped to after seeing her revealing Rolling Stone cover). "People come to my house," says the Louisiana-born Britney, "they're like, 'Lord!' 'Cause when I'm at home, the last thing I want to do is put a lick of makeup on." The next-to-last thing she'd do is prance around in the alluring wardrobe from her hot "...Baby One More Time" video. "I'm totally a bum," admits the former Mouseketeer -- a bum who reached No. 1 on the Billboard album and singles charts simultaneously, the first solo act ever to accomplish that with a debut. Next, Britney will revisit her TV roots by guesting on three Dawson's Creek episodes, to air in the fall. "I've been working a really long time for this," she says of stardom. "I've hoped and dreamed that all of this would come to reality." Mission accomplished.

Here's a video I got from Teen People (21 Under 21)-Videos This is VERY cool! :)

Britney came to the shoot on crutches following an onstage accident, but she's no wimp here.