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This is a collection of pictures originally put up for some friends overseas. It seems a few other people have been dropping in recently, so I've reorganised it very slightly :)

1) These are the photos of Terry and Tim's new house up at Mahurangi.

Jasmax is a big architectual company in New Zealand. Pip Cheshire, Andrew Douglas and Peta Drayton are the three who worked on the plans for this house for a *long* time. But Terry has always been very actively involved in *every* detail. There were many changes. What else could you expect? It's a piece of art, not a house.......

I've slimmed down the image files pretty radically, but each may still take a little time to load. If you can bear to follow the order shown below, the images preload, so there is less waiting :)


A couple of pix of the model, so you know what it's gonna look like (we hope!)
the empty paddock we started with, a hole in the ground, the view, and
various construction shots


Second page of general construction pages, the basic shape is finally there, with a roof and (just) the sloping concrete tilt slabs that form many of the outside walls.

(Updated 19 Dec98)

Still More

Scaffolding and corrugated iron cladding, (March 99)


Curtain glazing in, cladding nearly finished


Scaffolding down!!!

More May Sculpture up
September Two more pages: the top two floors finished (inside photos) plus start of gallery
October Several more pages showing the construction of the BIG DOORS (moving walls) and finished gallery in various configerations. Cool!


Pictures showing construction of "visitor's centre", and a few of the finished grounds


2) More construction stuff: a buddha statue and some stupas

Statue building

This is more fun than houses! It's 25 foot concrete, so it was pretty interesting. This is by far the best page in this collection If you're interested, here's a little story about building it

Stupa Construction

Like the statue, these are a bit different from your average building job
For one thing, you don't get paid. This link goes to another contents page: there are *heaps* of "how to build a stupa" type pictures.




If you came straight here from somewhere else, you might like to visit some of my other pages...if you go to Compassion, there are links to the Stupa Information Pages, Home Inspection stuff, Amitabha Hospice Service, and some little bits and pieces about William and Ecie. (I'm William, by the way)