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That's Jessie on the right, my old mate A.B. in the middle, and moi on the left. For some reason they wouldn't print this in the buddhist newsletter


That's a pencil vibrator, we've just finished pouring the main slab / foundation for the statue.

This is a young woman who stayed at the centre for a while who was quite interested in sex. Strangely, they wouldn't print this picture either.


(No, I don't have her phone number)

That's with the head formwork finished, a large cube of concrete poured that the Lamas then carved. Like the tin arm?


Buddha in the palm of your hand

(That's my main man, a "hands on" sort of teacher)

A better picture of Lama Samten. This was before the statue had it's gold coating (well, would you believe, gold paint)

He did a good job carving, eh. Took a few months.

You can't see the bottom in this, which is a pity. It is also all carved, very beautiful scenes

One of my friends calls him
"the doctor"


pretty apt