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All the episodes found here are the full length, original broadcasts.   They are in Mp3 format.  If you do not know what this is, it is a compressed sound file that has incredibly good quality sound.  You cannot simply play Mp3s on your computer.  You will need a special program called WinAmp.  Also some of the files will be zipped.  If you do not have a program to unzip stuff, get WinZip.

Also these files are considred illegal after 24 hours.  Dont worry though, people ar not usually caught nor get in any serious trouble for this.  If you choose to download anything on this page and you are worried about legal issues please delete the files after 24 hours.  If you choose to keep these files on your HD then I cannon and will not be responsible for anything that may happen.  These files are linked and are not actually located on this server.  Therefore, the provider of this page (Galloway School) nor the server (Mindspring) can not be held responsible for anything that happens

If you have "return of carnation charlie" or "The Man with the Burning Head" in mp3 format e-mail me

Some of these links are to pages held by me but most are not - If I hve linked to a page it will be mentioned in the links section

Giant Of Madras (Mine)
Night Without End (linked from OTR moments in Mp3)
Blood Money (linked from OTR moments in Mp3)
The Gibbering Thing (linked from The Cobalt Club)
Power of the Mind (linked from The Cobalt Club)

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