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Well - I have found it EXTREMLY difficult to find pages on The Shadow so I will simply link to pages with Shadow related material.  If you haev a page you want linked here, tell me


Shadow  and other OTR MP3s

Colbalt Club - Very good site with almost every Shadow episode.  Mostly mp3 files but a few Real Audio.  Best shadow mp3 page EVER!

OTR moments in MP3 - INCREDIBLE!!! All the cool classic shows! A must See!


OTR Shows Fanpages

A pretty fancy Amos n' Andy and Lum n' Abner page

The Shadow Nose!!! - Not really anything to do with The Shadow - just one pic and the title.  Has some OTR real audio files

Highlights on The Shadow - one of the only other pure Shadow info page I have found and it looks pretty cool.  I didn't find this till AFTER this page was finished so I swear I did NOT steal anything from it. (except images)

The Shadow RealAudio radio theatre - This is a pretty cool Shadow RealAudio page.

The Shadow Web ring List - wow, a bunch of Shadow pages in one place.  I Haven't been to most of these but look around, you never know what you might find


OTR Pages - Pretty fancy site with breif history of old radio shows.  Not outstanding but check it out if you got time. - pretty cool site.   A lot like  If you are looking for specific shows steer clear (see my OTR shows links) but if you just wanna learn general history of radio, this is your place.

Other Links

My other page - all about the bands Korn and Soak

CD - go here and get music and stuff at good deals - You can also search for The Shadow and see if any of that is there

Cyberthrill - An online casino.  I get paid if you click so, c'mon, be a pal and click!

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