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Welcome to Yani's Designs!  I'm still offering free custom designed layouts for all.  Same rules apply as the regular free templates.


Please take time to give your opinion in the polls.  Thank You!


New address at  Please amend your bookmarks

14 Oct 2003

Ok, I think everything should be fine now.  Thanks for your patience!


13 Oct 2003

Something has gone terribly wrong with the whole site now folks, I'm so sorry but to view content please go here


10 Oct 2003

Something has gone horribly wrong with viewing layouts!  I'm very sorry about this and I'm trying to

get it sorted now so the layouts sections will be unavailable for the moment.  So sorry again!


UPDATE: Ok, all fixed now!  Previews of layouts will have to be images instead of the actual page now though.  What happened was I was silly enough not to watch out for duplicate filenames *doh*.  Image previews will stop this happening in future


06 Oct 2003

If you have any suggestions for content on this site eg.- celeb layouts, avatars or any other graphics please e-mail me.  I'm here to cater for your needs


New personal layout for those of you who can't wait for FFX-2


03 Oct 2003

Brand new business layout up for grabs.  Hope it comes in useful for someone.  There's also a new wallpaper been added.


29 Sept 2003

New web address!  Please update your bookmarks to  You should be automatically

forwarded but this might not always be the case.  Thanks!


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