Hedge & C0.

Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


Hedge & Co.

Lemuel Hedge.

From Windsor, Vermont. Died 1853, age 65. He was an inventor and instrument maker. Also, an organ maker.

Owned by Jacob Russell.

Tools Made: Graduated Rules, Wollatons' scales (chemical), Gunther scales. He invented a machine to mark rules.

Working Dates: 1829-30.

     In 1830 he partnered with Asa Richardson to form Richardson & Co. This partnership was dissolved 20 Sep 1830.


X4,799 Jun. 20, 1827 Engine for dividing scales, gauges, etc.

X8,783 Apr. 22, 1835 Carpenter's rule joint

X9,788 Jun. 28, 1836 Wood planing machine

2,677 Jun. 18, 1842 Sawmill

6,432 May. 08, 1849 Improvement in saw-mills

8,056 Apr. 22, 1851 Sawmill

RE435 Mar. 10, 1857 Improvement in saw-mills

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