Ferree & Hayden

Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


Tools Made: Ice tongs and other hardware. See Ad below.

Working Dates: 1866-73.

     The company was started in 1866 by James C. Ferree and Randolph Hayden. They produced ice tongs patented in 1869. Ferree bought the factory and real estate of Horace Vansands at Zoar 1866. In 1873 they consolidated with the Star Tool Company. In 1878 it became Hotchkiss & Smith. Map J.

See Hotchkiss & Smith, Star Tool Co and Hayden, R.

Patents issued or assigned to this company or one of its owners. See ref. 24 for additional Connecticut patents.

Name                                                  Pat. No                  Item                                                      Issue Date

Hayden, Randolph                              87491                     Ice tongs                                               3/2/1869
Assigned to Ferree & Hayden
Hayden, R.                                          97194                    Shutter fastener                                     11/23/1869
Assigned to Ferree & Hayden

     Ice tongs made by Ferree & Hayden. Approximately 14  inches long. They are very well made. The handles are spring loaded closed. The set in the picture still work properly.


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Ferree2.jpg (33668 bytes)

  The Mark on the handles reads:

" PAT. MAR. 2. 1869



Ad from the 1873 Connecticut Business Directory.

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