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Frequently used deals

Frequently used deals

Playing it Safe or Speculating

In this deal(usually involving a married couple), Monty would offer a safe deal of usually $500 or $1000 and ask them it would play it safe or speculate by buying whatever he had to offer, like a curtain or a box.


Follow the Leader

In this deal, Monty would pick three people and choose one of them to make the decisions for all of them.  Monty would make a deal of usually cash or the curtain/box.  The Follow the Leader part, the other two had to do what he/she said.  After the a deal, Monty would give the others a chance to be leader.


Beat The Dealer

Added later on in the run, Monty chose 3 people for this deal.  To start off, Monty had 3 envelopes.  Two of them had a $500 bill and the other one had a $50 bill.  The 3 traders chose an envelope.  The two who chose the $500 bill advanced on to the next round and the trader with the $50 bill was eliminated. 


The announcer later came down the aisle with 9 cards numbered 1-9(shuffled though)on his tray.  The two contestants would choose one card from the board.  The trader who had the higher out of the two, added a prize package to his/her $500, usually a trip or living room, or dining room package.  The package was usually between two and four thousand dollars.  The other trader sat down with his/her $500.


After that Monty would give the trader the option to “Beat The Dealer.”  If the trader would risk his/her winnings up to that point, Monty would put up usually a brand new car or a fur coat.  The trader would pick both cards off the board(with the cards previously chosen removed).  One card for Monty, one card for the trader.  Whoever got the higher card, got it all for a payoff between $8,000 and $11,000. 


9 bills deal

Variation 1:

Monty would pick two people and out of 9 bills have them pick what bill they wanted.  Monty would, of course, offer them the chance to trade away the unknown bill for another unknown behind a curtain or in a box.


Variation 2:

Monty Had 9 bills and he chose three people and divided the bills between the three of them.  Monty would show them two of the three and not show them the third as to pick their curiosity.  Then, he would offer them the chance to buy a curtain or a box.


Monty’s Money Machine

In this deal, Monty would have a money machine in which you could pull out large amounts of money.  It usually started out with a $100 bill.  The machine usually contained about two to three thousand dollars in cash.  The contestant could keep pulling out until the contestant stopped or until the contestant pulled out a blank card, at which time the contestant lost everything.  After the contestant stopped, Monty offered the option of using their money to buy the curtain or a box.


$7 dollars for a Car.

During this deal, usually a couple, would price items within the limits Monty had set for them.  For each item, Monty would give them money.  There would be 4 items in this deal, and they would be $1, $2, $3, & $4 for a total of $10.  If a couple got $7 of the $10, they could buy the car.  After the price was given on the last item, Monty would usually offer them a “Sure thing”


49 cents for a Car.

This is one of my favorite deals.  Jay would come the aisle with 5 items on his tray.  Monty would pick one trader and(after Jay was done describing the items)would allow the trader to pick one item.  If it sold for 49 cents(or whatever price specified by Monty)they would win the car.  After the contestant picked his/her item, the audience would usually be in an uproar about the item and for good reason.  Monty would use the uproar to, in a very sneaky fashion, pick another trader in the deal.  After the second trader picked his/her item, Monty would offer the second trader a “sure thing” to call off the deal.  After the second trader made his/her decision, Monty would then go the first trader and up his offer to call off the deal.  This deal would become unforgettable during the celebrity stint in which Ruth Buzzi appeared.  That will be explained on the 1971-1977 syndicated page.


Monty’s Instant Cash Machine

Monty’s Instant Cash Machine made its debut during the 1971-1972 season, in a special way which is explained on the Special Syndicated episode tapes the NBC studios page.  The machine had a predetermined amount of cash and all Monty had to do was push a button and the contestant would receive the cash listed, unless he/she traded it away for the curtain or the box.


Clue Deal(that’s what I call it)

Monty would pick a trader or a couple and offer them a product with money hidden inside. Once the product was described, Monty offered he/she/them the curtain and there was a clue as to what was behind the curtain.

Curtain #1 usually had something worth $1000 behind it.

Curtain #2 usually had something worth $2000 behind it.  Monty would also show part of what was behind the curtain.

Curtain #3 was usually a mystery.


All three curtains usually had brand new cars behind them.  On occasion a living room or Dining room was behind Curtian #2.  Curtain #3 sometimes contained a zonk.


Pricing Competition

Variation #1

A man and a woman competed for $1000 in cash.  There were four items Starting at $100 and increasing in value.  The person who came closest to the actual got the money.  Of course, after the pricing deal was done, Monty offered them chance to buy something with their earnings.


Variation #2

Same rules as Variation #1, but the first person to get $700 won a brand new car.


Variation #3

One person played against the house for usually $2000.  4 items would be played and items would go from $100 to $400 for a total of $1000, but if the contestant hit the item on the nose, Monty would double the payoff, for a total payoff of $2000.  Afterwards, Monty always offered them a chance to buy a curtain with their earnings.


Variation #4

Monty would choose two couples.  The men would usually compete against each other pricing items and the wives could not help them.  The one stipulation was that the men had to give the women the money and the men could not help them make the decision of what to do when Monty offered them a deal.


$10,000 Check

Monty would pick a couple and they would have the chance to price items for $10,000.  In front of a curtain would be a board with $10,000 lit up.  Monty would instruct Carol Merrill to turn out the lights on the board.

The couple would price items within the limits Monty set for them.  If they made, Monty would instruct Carol to light up certain parts of the board in this order.


Item one: $10

Item two: $100

Item three: $1000

After that, Monty would have the couple price the last item for the last zero.  After they priced the last item, Monty gave them option of taking the $1000 lit up on the board, buying a curtain with the $1000 or going all of the way for the last zero and $10,000.    Usually, a brand new car was behind the curtain.


More deals to come.