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1971-1977 syndicated version page


After the ABC primetime version was cancelled, pleading with ABC, and almost going on strike, Let’s Make A Deal finally went into syndication in 1971 and lasting for 6 years.   This page will focus on some of the important events of each season.




1971-1972 season

Some important events:

During this season, in 1972, Let’s Make A Deal would tape a syndicated show at the old NBC studios!!  In this show, Monty’s Instant Cash Machine made its debut. 


During the 9 bills deal, in 1972, Bill #8 would be a $5,000 bill!!

Here's a picture of Monty Hall at the end of the show and nobody won the Big Deal.

Here's the picture of Monty Hall and the LMAD logo used on the TV's given away on the show.


1972-1973 season

Some Important events:

This would be the first version to feature the new intro

“It’s Time For Let’s Make A Deal!  Starring TV’s big dealer, MONTY HALL!!”


Steve Feke would return to the show as a writer.  Steve came and went many times during the show’s run, but this time he would return permanently.


Monty’s autobiography would be published and he would begin to plug and even use it in a deal.


The last edition of the LMAD home game would be published in 1973 and given to players as a parting gift.


Minor set changes would take place and LMAD Trading Floor is now imposed on the Audience restraint.

Here's a picture, of Monty Hall and a trader, illustarting the set change.


During this season, for some weird reason the “Past Clips” beginning from the last ½ of 1976 would be used at the beginning of a 1973 episode.  This is still known as a mystery as to why this happened, but it did.



1973-1974 Season

These will come when Game Show Network airs them and also when I have eps. From this season.


1974-1975 Season

Some important events:

The set would get a complete overhaul.  The blue curtains would be replaced with wood paneling.  (more will come as GSN airs these and I get episodes of these.)




1975-1976 season

Some important events

This Season would be the first season to feature a beginning montage and also be the first episode to have numbers on the curtains and have flashing lights around the set.  This also would become the new logo.


Celebrity Deal.  During the first few weeks of this season, Celebrities would play Let’s Make A Deal for the home viewer.  In Order, these celebs appeared:

Red Buttons. 

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Marty Allen

Milton Berle

Nannette Fabray

Bill Bixby

Nipsey Russell

Ruth Buzzi



The biggest change to the LMAD format.  The Super Deal.

In order to be eligible for the Super Deal, you first had to win the big deal.  In the Super Deal, you had the option of trading your big deal for one of the mini doors.  Behind the mini doors was $1000, $2000, or $20,000.  If you traded your big deal and picked the door that said $1000 or $2000, you lost your big deal and got that much in cash, but if you picked the door that said $20,000, you kept your big deal and added a cash bonus of $20,000 for a payoff of usually between $28,000 and $30,000.  The $1000 door was later changed to a mystery amount and was not revealed until later in the deal.  The Super Deal only lasted one season and was dropped by the time the show moved to Las Vegas.   During its one season stay, about 6 people won the Super Deal, that we know of.  Game Show Network has yet to air the famous Greenfield’s Super Deal win of $29,795(Seen below, rumored to be Monty’s favorite episode)which is counted in the 6 wins.   


Here's a picture of Monty Hall and the first Super Deal winner, even though you can't see her face.
Her Name was Charlotte Rawlins, courtesy of the Super Deal, She picked up $30,000.

During this season, LMAD would tape two special episodes in LMAD’s future home, Las Vegas.  These would be the only episodes in Las Vegas which featured Ivan Ditmars’ orchestra.  He did not go to Veags when LMAD moved permantly.


This season would also be the last season taped in Hollywood at the ABC studios. 

In the 1976-1977 season, LMAD would relocate to Las Vegas.


1976-1977 Season

Some important events:

Let’s Make A Deal, for the rest of the run, relocated to Las Vegas after the Daytime version was cancelled.  Ivan Ditmars would also leave the show, because of which, now pre recorded composed by Stan Worth(originally used on Split Second with Tom Kennedy)would be used instead.  Also the famous harp music played when the curtains would open would be instituted here.


Let’s Make A Deal would tape its last show here in December of 1976 and it aired in 1977.  Joanna Gleason would make a cameo and this would be the only show in Let’s Make A Deal history to have no zonks.