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What can I say? Things have hit a tremendous change in my life, for one, I now have the daughter I have so long sought for....at the cost of my dear Mirage who passed on during childbirth. I was given the child from a messenger saying the child was mine, to love her with all my heart, name her what I wish and that she herself loved me forever. I had thought long and hard and finally asked Morrigan to the Palace so that I may ask if she would be a mother for my daughter, Alicia Haley Sathien. I choose Halye for a middle name in honor of the departed haley I have referred to in passing, Pandora's dead daughter. To get back on topic, Morrigan said yes and as she acquainted herself with Alicia I walked to the closet I had kept Mirage's wedding dress in...she will never get to wear that gown of finery, that dress I so lovingly handcrafted for her. I began to cry at this thought and Morrigan told me that Mirage lives on, in both me and in Alicia. I do hope we have what is required to be good parents and I may just ask if she will become my wife, that is, if she can show she truely cares about both I and the child, although this is already apparent. Wish us luck and maybe you will give a blessing to my darling daughter Alicia?


You who have been faithful to this site are to be rewarded as you shall now receive an explanation of why this entry is so incredibly late. I sufferred a perilous attack b some unknown monstrosity. When I came to realize what'd happenned most of the people I have come to know had vanished, Morrigan remains fine and I have seen my lovely Alicia alive and well. The Inn is no longer a place for such well-known and unique characters such as myself, Sahyber, Pandora, etc. but instead it is a haven for all forms of neophytic and assonine imbesiles. Sadly I have head nothing at all about Pandora. I would love to see her just to talk with her and check in on my goddaughter. I hve been out for quite a while, "O brave new world that has such people in it."

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