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I finally got a glimpse of Pandora's martial arts teacher, Locke Leonheart, he seems a nice man and Pandora tells me that he often is distracted by his lover Alise. I know the feeling all too well. Business is doing quite well nowadays with the Yakuza, (Mem. buy Pandora an exquisite bridal gown, then again wait till Jerimiah gives the wedding a yes) Not much else going on in the present but in the future ohh I can't wait. Although I do need to give Pandora her engagement ring she let me hold during her training.


Had a little conversation with Locke after pandora had been shot from blindfold training. Started off rocky, then near volaile, we are now at least associates. He seems a very intruiging man to both be cautious of me and care so much for my love Pandora, it's only fitting really she being his student and all. Against all instincts I got the wedding dress, only to realize it won't work on the Victorian motif for the wedding that both I and Pandora agreee on. And once again I forgot to give Pandora her engagement ring back from last night's training session with Locke. Not much else to think about but did invite Locke to the wedding, he accepted "Because of Pandora" *sighs*. Hades is mad at me because I told his lover, (I say lover because the title of his wife belongs to my chylde Serena) Saphire that he is still legally married to Serena, even though Saphire is having Hades' kid! Saw that Pandora has a tattoo and is getting another one soon, I will have to ask her abut that and apparently she has 2 more days of training left.I think the folowing few days are going to be very interesting. Especially with me ending connections with the Yakuza. God I hope they don't mess with me, they know how strong I am.


Finally got word from Jerimiah and he gave it a yes, Pandora decided to change the wedding some but is keeping the Victorian motif of the wedding (I think she's trying to spoil me). I managed to return her engagement ring to her. And I met Jerimiah's love, Kaylynn; if I am correct on the name as I can forget such things sometimes. Kaylynn will be doing Pandora's wedding dress (Pandora said I could do the undergarments *smiles*). I have started work on my 2 surprises for her despite her warnings of hating surprises.


Yakuza finnaly caught me, sent an extermination squad out to hunt me down and then they must've injected some sort of neurotoxin in me or something because I remember hearing a lot of voices and then my swinging at a good friend Innoncence, then screaming Akuryou Taisan at the top of my lungs and ramming a dirk into my skull. Thank god I'm alive to write this. Innoncence and a new person I have never seen before blessed with the gift of a healer but hindered with the curse of muteness named Silken aided me in recuperation, well my friend Lord Azathoth tried to give me blood now that I remember vaguely but it didn't work. Silken had to leave but Innoncence stayed with me all the way to carrying me home to the Palace. I am still feeling sick and will be recuperating much longer now. I am thankful for any concern you feel in reading this. On writing the rest of my entry for the day I am completely back to normal which is a surprise for me even with my vampiric side assisting my recovery. As a reward my dearest Pandora and I tried these pils that swap bodies with your lover. So I lived my first night as a woman and she her first night as a man. It was a very interesting and enjoyable experience. That is all I will write down as the rest could be used as blackmail on me. I also showed Pandora to mother and father or I should say the remains of. Mother had her usual talk with me as we alays do and told me to search father's coffin, inside his left hand was a music box of a bride and it played Wedding March, both I an Pandora smiled a this. When we went back up to the room I noticed that for once, my dearest was a bit afraid. I think I can understand what was going on in her mind and I think I should have prepared her. Oh well, I can't wait for our wedding wether Pandora wants it on the 16th or now it seems possibly the 17th,


I went with my dearest Pandora to the cliffs and waterfall of my estate and we cliff-dived into the water. She felt like humoring me again and I used the magic I know of to temporarily turn her into a mermaid. Where she was eventually called by Locke for training. *sighs*. Now I wait for her to return and play some more.


Tragedy has dealt me a cruel card. My cherished Pandora has fallen in love with another man. As I even write of this I am crying up and willing to end my existence right now. *sighs*. But I want her to be happy, maybe I can still find someone in this world who will care for me the way she did.


Not much else is happenning in my life but it seems Saphire has found a new love in a man called Ryan. I am happy for her and gave her son Brandon my 1st thumb claw I ever used. Nothing much else comes to mind at the moment.


Saw Pandora recently and invited her to come back to m Palace so we could talk. It was then that she revealed to me who the man who stole her away from me was...it was Jeremiah!!! And when she even said in the past she could never wed her sire *sighs*. I decided I would try to see if she would come back to me so I let her read my mind, that was the biggest mistake I ever did as I ever shielded any of my mind to her, she ran out of the room and when I saw her again she was in the fetal position *sighs*. That was the last time I have seen her and Jerimiah is out to kill me now. That is all for now.


I went to my usual gathering spot with all the others when guess who sees me and attacks me? Pandora ATTACKED me!! My face is pretty slashed up but it should heal quickly. I am now enjoying a new lady in my life by the name of Summer Tear. I hope I grow to love her more than I did Pandora and she back at me. That's pretty much all the news that's fit to print.


Sorry but things have been happenning by so fast I haven't had time to put in an entry. It seems Pandora has left Jerimiah due to him still being married the entire time to Skylar Eve. We have struck up a deal where if she finds fault in her new husband (Who just happenned ot be revealed to me last night as Locke), she will come to me. She just had her child from Jerimiah's seed, Haley Alicia (possibly Sathien for a last name as she cut off the Stone belonging to Jerimiah.). I administered her vampiric baptism with my blood and am claiming the title of godfather to Haley, nicknamed PJ. I am enjoying the company of my new chylde, Kestra Rage, or as I call her now, my kessywessydoll. She originally came after me to kill me but I countered the attempt so much I broke her spirit and now she is loyal and learning to me. If you are wondering where Summer Tear is, I cannot say even in these sacred pages for fear and paranoia forbid it. Well that's pretty much of all that I need tell you about.


Well, it seems that Pandora's marriage to Locke has now failed. As per our agreement we will be lovers now, as I have realized I could not have my wife also claiming the title of my chylde for she would not truly be equal. Hence Kestra will just be my chylde and not my wife. I have also gained the interest of a woman who was not born fromt he womb but rather from sorcery. She is free and her name she goes by is Dark Incantation. I asked her if I may call her by an appelation that was not so ominous sounding and I chose to call her Morrigan. Other things are encircling in my realm such as a mortal by the name of Locke (not Leonhart), who wanted to join my "ourt". Well when he went through the final step (which you should all know is being made as a vampire via my actions), he freaked and almost died. Rather amusing actually. But he is now alive thanks to a very intelligent woman by the name of Sioned Eclipse. One last note is that Pandora has now joined a clan and has added an AD to the end of her name. That is all I can think of at this time for my entry.


Well after a mysterious woman came into the palace bearing my name a while back, Pandora told me our life as lovers would not work out. But she said we could still be friends. Too much crap has been flying in unwantedly into my Palace and I am thinking of developing a new structure for my holding. That is about all I can say for now.


Sorry for a lack of update but I've been busy with things. I was invited to Pandora's wedding by Pandora herself. I was against going at first, thinking I could not stand watching such an event. But I wanted her to be happy so I went. I couldn't hold myself together after the final parts of the actual ceremony and left with a sweet goodbye kiss to Pandora. On othe rnotes, Pandora's clan is falling and the clan leader/her husband doesn't care. I have found a new interest in a lass named Mirage. Well actually that is what I call her as her full name is too long for me to remember. She seeks to be sired by the man she will grow to love. I will be that man and she knows this. Future details are to come.


I spoke with Pandora today, she has a scar on the side of her face from where an enemy attacked her, she underestimated them. She has also dropped the AD title to her name as her supposed husband, leader of the AD clan, left her so she left the clan. I and she had a long talk of a few memories, her daughter Haley Alicia, and about compassion for humans or more expressly, her prey. We then talked about if Mirage, as I call her, does not give me anything to go onward with her that I will become her lover yet again. Although she has said she does not wish to marry again (if you've read my past documentations you can see why.), but I wish to perform a ritual to celebrate us finally being together again. We also spotted an owl in the window and I cast a blessing of love for Pandora and I. I of course will let you know how things go.


Not much to talk about today, no word from Mirage yet. On other things I showed Pandora my first tattoo which is on my back, consisting of a chinese serpent encircling a sarcophagus and devouring the sun. She showed me her lastest, incomplete tattoo, which is a red, yellow and blue sun with a blank face. She is trying to decide what she'll do for the face of the sun. We talked of various things including our relationship, my mother, etc. Then she had a playful spark in her and made me chase her out of the palace and onto the roof where I saw her, eyes closed and arms out feeling the breeze carress her face. I got behind her and she placed her hands on my wrists, I then lifted her up and over my head, seating her on my shoulders like a father and his little girl. She thught she'd be cute and stated rocking back and forth to make me lose my balance and covering my eyes, when I fell back and tumbled we then ran to the falls, had some more fun there and eventually dove off the edge, we then played hide and seek some more after kissing underwater for so long I lost track of time. We then took a break and sat on a log, talking about our first time at the falls as well as our 'first time" at the falls *smiles in rememberence*. Well that is all I have to say for now.

Sorry but I have been busy as of late. I have received word from dear Mirage and we are truely together again. It has also come to pass that a lass by the name of Nikki, whose path in life crossed with mine when she talked of me re-siring her. You see, she was a vamp but miscalculated a shapeshift into human form and was stuck as a human. A day later she had become sired by a man named deathburd and is now a student along with another vampire by the name of Darian to learn fighting techniques based on their vampiric capabilities under my brow. That is about all I can think of that's fit to print right now.


Lots of things have happenned recently. In a misfired act of passion I drank too much of Mirage's blood and was force to either let her leave me forever or make her a vampiress. I had intended to do that sometime after so we would have children first but I had no choice. Also my student Nikki lost her temper and attacked a man named Vlad. This was brought to my attention by 2 people named Raithe and Topaz Heart. So I likely punished Korn by placing her in stocks and giving her 20 lashes with a scourge. Then to teach her a lesson in cruelty, I cut her hair into a crew cut. Which was an empty threat since hair grows back incredibly fast. I also caught up with my old friend and "student" Dark Incantation, whom I call Morrigan. I even got to introduce her to my lovely vampire fiance Mirage. They liked meeting each other and as said in Shakespeare's Macbeth "The rest is silent."


It has come to my attention that my student Nikki has "quit" being a vamp. I scoffed at the dea for no one can merely "stop" being a vamp. To think of all the wasted potential she has. I will not be as an understanding teacher to her anymore.


It seems Topaz Heart has a more significant place in my life than I would've thought. My fiance Mirage informs me that Topz Heart is actually the leader of a clan that is taking over the Inn. Mirage is worried about this, later on in the evening I showed her the dress she would wear at our wedding at a whopping $9,500.00 it consisted of a dress similar in design to Pandora's own dress with emeralds, pearls and diamonds, stitched in the veil-band and dress as well as the dress' embrodiery. She was so happy and even more happy when I showed her her own personal "play"room where she may torture her food before she "dines" and rends the "food" to bits. I also had a brief encounter with my friend Morrigan apparently dealing with some person kneeling at her eet. I didn't ask why but didn't really care. That's about it for today.


I finally found TopazHeart and after stating what my beloved Mirage had told me to her, she informed me that the clan is only good and that what Mirage said was just here say. Whatever happens next I have no ideas about.


In all this time, not much has happenned except I took Mirage to the Astral plane and I found out Nikki is Skylar's daughter. Those are pretty much the only major incidences so far.


The only major things happening have been me seeing more of Morrigan and she was a tad flirtacious, but I still miss Mirage as I have not heard from her lately *sighs*. Morrigan has written down some of her life online as I have. If I reeive enough comments and her permission I will create a link to it. That's about it.


I have news that my dearest Mirage is pregnant and apparently at the human stage of about 8.5 months. I guess vampire/dhampier offspring, when it does occur grow up fast. I do so much hope we have a girl whom I will call Alicia. Mirage is so beautiful the way she carries her pregnant belly, I could linger on it for hours. In other maternal news, Nikki, now known as Princess Korn has a child, I do not wonder who the father is as I have blocked the most of her speaking from my mind but she did apologize for her misbehavior. *sighs*. I think it is motherhood, and not losing virginity that makes a woman a true woman.


No word from Mirage yet and I am deeply concerned she may have already delivered without me. In other news it seems my godchild, Pandora's daughter Haley was destroyed. And now Darien is back, though how this is possible I have no idea. I am going to have to deal with him myself, Pandora sensed he had gone to her lair and rushed off to confront him after giving me a kiss on the cheek. I still worry about her especially since she had said she had nothing left for her, not even love. I think I will go after him myself. I will keep you informed if anything else happens. Well, I went to check on Pandora and Darien. I could not find Pandora. I pray she is alright.It seems from Darien's mouth that he let Pandora speak to Haley although I cannot be sure of this. He wished to start over so I said I would although the moment I find incriminating evidence about her I will slay him for good.

Thank you for your time here, please come back again

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