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So, you think you've got this great web site? How about letting all of your visitors know that you're not the only one! Apply for our award! Any web page that is horse or western related may apply. And, you can select which award you would like to be considered for, or leave it up to us to decide which one fits best.

How do you apply? Just send us an email through the link at the bottom of the page, with AWARD as the subject. Be sure to include your web page title, http:// address, and which award you would like to be considered for. (or if your site is REALLY unique, we might just make up an award just for your page!)

We will then review your site and determine if it fits our criteria. If your page is selected, we will email you the html code to place the award on your web page. It's that simple.

So what's the benefit of this service? Not only do you get a neat picture to spice up your site and let the world know someone else thinks your site is hot stuff... you will also get your web page listed on our links page. Neat pics, free links and exposure... What could be better?

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More awards to be added!

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