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Out on a cliff's edge further than he'd ever been before, He sat with legs a danglin' high above the valley's floor.

He was lost in thought while drinking in the grandeur of it all, when a gust of wind unseated him and he began to fall.

'Twas a drastic situation and he didn't dare think slow, For certain death awaited in the rocky crags below.

So he called upon a friend (I guess the only one he could)- The one we all forget about when things are going good.

He said, "God if you will help me now, I'll quit my sinful ways; I will do those things you'd have me do and work hard all my days; I will quit the booze and cigarettes and help my loving wife; I will spend time with my children and I'll turn around my life; I will work hard to help the needy and I promise to repent."

Just then a tree limb caught his coat and stopped his fast descent.

And while hanging from the tree that grew upon that rocky shelf, he looked skyward saying, "Nevermind, I handled it myself!"


You can TELL a gelding, and ASK a mare, but you must DISCUSS IT with a stallion



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