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Movies are my life. Not really, just they seem like it sometime. I love to make them and star in them. But mostly I like to go see them. And here's what I think about the ones I do see.

Summer 1999 and previous movie reviews can be found here.

Better Than, Well Nevermind.
Total Waste of Any of Your Hard Earned Money.

Blue Streak
I saw it on: October 16, 1999
Good Song: ?????
Star: Martin Lawrence

Dumb. Kinda funny. Not worth my $4.00. See another movie.

American Beauty
I saw it on: October 9, 1999
Good Song: ?????
Star: don't know their names

Very dark. Twisted. Black comedy. There is nothing more to say about this movie.

6th Sense
I saw it on: August 27, 1999
Good Song: ?????
Star: Bruce Willis

Wow! This one was a definite winner. Very unique. Great acting, good camera work, and a really good ending. It is very unpredictable. The ending is surely one of the best I have seen.

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