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Acreage land, FARM land, Property land CAMPING,Recreation land, South America ....


ONLY 2 PARCELS, each 248 acres REMAINING !

Acreage,Land,Property, CAMPING- Why are the Rich and Famous from Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Washington, New York's Investment gurus,Paris ,London, Toronto's Bay street wizards, Mennonites and Vancouver's elite interested in land and acreage, farm land and properties which are FOR SALE in secure,privacy-respecting countries outside of North America....? Could it be because,the DOLLAR is becoming worthless ( as all paper currencies should and will,eventually )and ONLY Acreage land, Farm LAND, Property, Commodities,Manufactured Goods,Gold/Silver and other Tangibles have REAL valueThese are dangerous times without acreage, farm land,property outside your homeland. With ever-increasing,Worldwide ECONOMIC Disparities and currencies depreciating causing SOCIAL UNREST; Violence ( in many forms);Pollutionon our land,property , in our water, air and food; and Increasing Government Interference in our lives which favours the Rich and Powerful at the expense of the majority and is removing our freedoms; Population out of control and Desperate Political Uncertainties everywhere ... Wouldn't you like to have a secure natural piece of acreage, farm land, property, as a SAFE HAVEN, out of the reach of all these negative influences with..

Even Mennonites have recently purchased acreage,Farm land and property in this neighbourhood...Do they know something which you should be paying attention to??? .....

"Adventure Properties" an exciting dynamic arm of "Worvest Corporation"in the land,acreage business, a Canadian company,proven world-beater,is proud to announce...Farm Land, Acreage, property... an ECO-fun wilderness PROPERTY "Dream-Come-True",of Travel Adventure, Vacation Romance AND PROFIT ( organic farming)for the small land investor at the LOWEST COST ever,in PARAGUAY, South America!...And we are accepting orders NOW! *** We are also willing to EXCHANGE ONE or MORE Parcels for property of SIMILAR VALUE in another Latin American country, preferably Chile or ECUADOR

Our remaining PROPERTY,a 2000 + acres ( only TWO 248 acre PARCELS available now for this deal) South American plantation,eco-acreage,travel-vacation paradise,in-the-making.Land, nestled within equatorial Paraguay,once referred to as the "Switzerland of South America",is being offered in 248 ACRE DEEDED Parcels,each about the size of 1000 football fields. We are willing to conduct Organic plantation development on these properties but will begin ONLY for those PARCEL owners who want to participate in plantation development (natural & Chemical-Free) and will be managed and overseen by well-seasoned eco-professionals. Your parcel is excluded from the property development UNLESS you request to be part of our Agri-Development, and used for whatever purposes you desire,such as a HOME, eco-fun,travel adventure or a vacation destination, although the advantages of being part of the large plantation land development are greater...The CHOICE is yours.

If plantation development is not your style, make your acreage land 248 acre parcel that special vacation ESCAPE or RETREAT, from the woes back home,a tropical HOME-site as a travel destination, retirement VILLA,hunting LODGE/CAMP,ECO-BUSINESS location,an ESCAPE from the advancing SOCIAL UNREST or just pitch a tent on the property for your own eco-adventures...If not for yourself why not surprise a friend, customer, business associate or family member with a PARCEL ...What a GIFT! What a BONUS!What a LEGACY! name it!

Roger Frazer,President of "Worvest Corporation", and director of "Adventure Properties" will personally supervise the nurturing of your "Eden" land Venture.He chose Paraguay for our company, because of its FREE ENTERPRISE philosophy (LOWEST Personal Income taxes, in the Americas!), economic and political stability,close cultural and religious ties,freedoms,respect for all religions and the FRIENDLY helpfulness of the people.To add to this potential MONEY-MAKER,South America is among only a few global regions poised to become one of the main engines of World Commerce because of a FREE TRADE agreement which includes Paraguay.This means that PARAGUAY...and YOU,as a plantation acreage land owner,are right in the middle of this economic paradise!Roger's experience, including a GOLD MINE in Canada, has consistently yielded phenomenal successes. He only invests when returns are virtually GUARANTEED with rock-solid,long-term PROFIT potential.

"Real Estate",says Mr. Frazer,"is the only investment which INCREASES in value,over the long run,with little or no work,just LOVE, simply because the availability of secure PRIVATE LAND is DECREASING while the world POPULATION is INCREASING.This can ONLY mean higher and SKY-ROCKETING prices!"

Remember this DEEDED LAND is YOURS to do with as you please, with respect for the rights of other parcel owners,of course and the laws of Paraguay. Adventure Properties can also make you a partner in the total Plantation,at no extra cost,and help transform your dreamland into a "Dollar-Dispenser-At-A-Distance" where you can control its growth on-site or FROM HOME...The decision will be yours!

Still need convincing?...
Try to imagine Warm TROPICAL Days,Cool SENSUAL Nights, a COLOSSAL panorama of SOOTHING Sunrises & SULTRY Sunsets,VIRGIN Forests,EXOTIC Wildlife and a FRIENDLY population,unrivaled ANYWHERE except in much more expensive locales...and then ,of course,there is Paraguay's future as a RISING STAR in the exploding GLOBAL ECONOMY!!!...ADVENTURE,ROMANCE and PROFITS,and your own EXOTIC PLANTATION...It can't get any better,Anywhere,Anyhow,Anytime!!!

For about the cost of a very small summer cottage or luxury SUV with all the "Bells and Whistles" ( a depreciating asset,by the way),a choice chunk of this massive 2000+ acre South American plantation acreage,fortune- maker can be yours FOREVER with a "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" Money-Back GUARANTEE.If within 1 month you decide PARADISE is not for you,a FULL REFUND, less deed transfer and related costs, is yours...The price for this 248 ACRE OPPORTUNITY...SPECIAL ONLY $59,900.Canadian(OR GOLD or SILVER equivalent) for a LIMITED TIME or BOTH parcels for $89,900. Offer for the 248 acre parcel must include your DOWN payment of at least 20% and balance term payments you wish should you desire PAYMENT PLAN.Payments for a 248 acre lot will be designed for your budget and ability to pay,so credit info will be required UNLESS you pay in full, of course.

$59,900 for ONE PARCEL ONLY or $89,900 for BOTH remaining parcels for a Limited Time. If you still have any questions then EMAIL: EMAIL or CLICK on the link at the bottom of this page: 1 705 235 2577 ( Toronto Time)...I would really enjoy talking with you...OTHERWISE...

...What are you waiting for? You cannot lose! No hype! No nonsense! No risk!Money-Back GUARANTEE...Nowhere is land this economical and RISK-FREE with as much potential BUT for a LIMITED TIME only


BUY NOW for the REGULAR PRICE.... OR for any SPECIAL OFFER PRICE and for a Limited Time, on ONE PARCEL ONLY (with a COPY of THE AD or WEB SITE advertising the Special Offer Price )or if you ONLY WANT to have a SITE to CAMP ON we offer 1 year for only $199., or other choices, which give you the right to CAMP ANYWHERE within our over 2000 ACRE ESTATE,( SPECIAL PRICES must be proven with COPIES of ADS or Web sites advertising the Special Prices, accompanying payment ) GO TO the LINK "AVAILABLE,PARCELS and PURCHASE INFORMATION/ Agreement" for PRICE PAYMENT INFORMATION. AND check other links for more INFORMATION about South America and Paraguay

LINKS to: LOCATION MAP, Property PHOTOS, Parcels Available, CAMPING, PARAGUAY and MORE ...

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