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Bargain Acreage property, ** 1 acre LOTS are Temporarily NOT AVAILABLE**- ONLY 248 Acre PARCELS remaining

*1 acre Lots are NOT AVAILABLE at this TIME*- PARCELS ME-133 to ME-158, as show on the LEFT side of the image above, are AVAILABLE for sale and make up the main portion of the Worvest Corporation Estate/Plantation.Each of those parcels contain 113 Hectares or approximately 248 plus acres, of which, we are allowing you to purchase one or all. AVAILABLE are 248 acre PARCELS from ME4-133 to ME4-136 and ME4-155 to ME4-158 *

ME-158, as an example, is the PARCEL shown to the RIGHT side of the image and is one of the PARCELS you can choose from for only $59,900. Canadian( OR other AVAILABLE SPECIAL OFFER price you are aware of and have proof/COPY of, including this WEB SITE). You can still choose your PARCEL from any one of the PARCELS in the above image.Parcels are approximately 248 + acres.Just send us YOUR offer in U.S. DOLLARS OR equivalent, YUAN or oz GOLD or Silver by using the LINK to PURCHASE AGREEMENT below OR YOUR OWN agreement with a DOWN PAYMENT of 20%, stating which PARCEL you want along with the same information as indicated in the following paragraph ,and for SPECIAL OFFER, a COPY of the AD or WEB SITE advertising the Special Offer price.(PURCHASE AGREEMENT LINK is below). Complete the PURCHASE AGREEMENT( or your own Purchase Agreement) as your official OFFER, Print it and mail to our address below with your DOWN PAYMENT CERTIFIED check or YOUR own OFFER Purchase Agreement.We will let you know if the offer is acceptable.Payments should be by CERTIFIED Check or CASHIERS Check.Our Bricks and Mortar and MAILING address is: Worvest Corporation, Unit 257, 70C Mountjoy St.N. , Timmins P4N4V7, Ontario, CANADA

N.B. To pay by Gold or SILVER equivalent (and also if making an offer for the COMPLETE 2000 acre ESTATE of at least $425,900. U.S. Dollars) with your 20% down payment- (DO NOT SEND CASH), for your security,YOU MUST TRANSFER the GOLD /Silver by certified COURIER to an address we designate, in our Company name

DON'T FORGET to enclose with your payment,the NAME you want on the DEED(make certain you have SUFFICIENT ID for the same name in case you want to transfer the property or ask for a refund, within 30 DAYS), FULL ADDRESS, EMAIL and PHONE number should we need to contact you and the PARCEL(s) Number you want. AND whether or not you want to participate in the PLANTATION development

If you decide on the payment plan for the 248 acre PARCEL we will set up a schedule,based on your requirements, with an agreement for your purchase, which payments of per month will be required to begin one month after we accept your down payment of 20%.

Of course there will be no payment plan necessary if you pay in full (in U.S. Dollars $,Yuan or equivalent in Gold/Silver)

If you pay in full your DEED for 248 acre parcel should be sent to you within approximately 60 days. We will also consider OFFERS for a COMPLETE 2000 + ACRES for an offer of at least $325,900.. DEEDS REQUIRE AT LEAST 60 Days,due to the transfer legals in Paraguay

****Don't Forget your FULL NAME ( OR name you want on the DEED )FULL ADDRESS, E MAIL and TELEPHONE number,Parcel(s) numbers you want and if you want to participate in the PLANTATION or Not.

REMEMBER you may request a FULL REFUND ANY TIME within 1 month.FIRST COME ,FIRST SERVED and we RESERVE the RIGHT to CHANGE PRICES without notice.Lots will not be reserved unless you send a down payment( or pay in full,of course!). SPECIAL Prices are for a LIMITED TIME and must be accompanied by PROOF ( Copy of page or ad) of the SPECIAL PRICE

DON'T Forget to Include the information about which PARCEL, along with your NAME ( or name you want on the DEED),COMPLETE ADDRESS, EMAIL and TELEPHONE number when you send money by mail. . Also mention whether or not you wish to participate in the Plantation plan.We would also REQUEST you CONFIRM YOUR CHOICE(s) by EMAIL,for SECURITY reasons- EMAIL


CAMPING RIGHTS: If you ONLY wish to have somewhere in our great, exciting wilderness to CAMP but don't want to PURCHASE land then you can purchase CAMPING RIGHTS the FEES per PERSON are: 1 Year- $199. ; 2 Years- $349. ; 3 Years- $459. Don't forget SPECIAL PRICES require you enclose a COPY of the AD/Web Site which advertises the Special price,with your PAYMENT. This CAMPING RIGHT allows you to CAMP ANYWHERE within our over 2000 acre Estate,24/7, 365 days per year. An OFFER is NOT necessary, simply a LETTER with your DETAILS( Name,Address, Phone,Email etc.)requesting CAMPING RIGHTS and for which duration, accompanied by your appropriate CERTIFIED or CASHIERS CHECK, made PAYABLE to " Worvest Corporation" SENT to to our "Bricks and Mortar" address as given above. We will send you the appropriate approval PERMIT with Helpful Instructions, Directions and CONTACTS in Paraguay to help you find your way and getting supplies and transportation. If at any time during or after camping you decide to BUY one of our PARCELS, we will DISCOUNT your purchase price by the amount you paid for Camping Rights

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