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Make money with your website

Here are the best programs available to profit off of your website with. Of my six years of using various programs, these are the tried and true. I have received multiple checks from these programs, and find them indispensable. These programs are by far the easiest way to turn your websites traffic into cash.

Search Traffic

Put a searchbox on your site and get paid $.06 a search. Do the math, this program will make you a pretty hefty check every month. Sign up here. By far my favorite program! I recommend this for any person who has a website, you will be AMAZED at the results.


Get paid to link anything you want (no adult, or illegal stuff), and get $.03 a click. The best blind link program on the internet. You can even link your enter button and get paid $.03 a click for it! Signup here. Wonderful results.

Popup Traffic

Make $3.00 CPM for a popup, and $2.00 CPM for a pop behind, can be used together for a total of $5.00 CPM! Signup here. Highest paying popup sponsor I know of.

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