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       And Allied Families         

  The origin of our Newlin line is unclear, but may have come from the name Newland, present in England as early as 1150. Mr. J.J. Parker, in a newspaper article of 1880, in the West Chester Daily, said that our original emigrant, Nicholas Newlin, was the son of yet another Nicholas, who lived in Canterbury, and who descended from Sir Randolph de la Newlin, Lord of the Manor of Newland Hall, in Essex. Another researcher feels that the line descends from Roger Newlands, who unsuccessfully tried to prevent Charles I from being beheaded. However, the Newlin coat of arms, as present on a ring belonging to our first Pennsylvania  Nicholas, is very similar to the one used by a Nicholas Newlands of Scotland, as described in Burke's General Armory.   So, although theories abound,  no definitive proof has yet  been discovered to link us positively to any of the above families, or any others, for that matter. 

     Our Newlins were Quakers, starting with Nicholas Newlin and perhaps his father, and from the mid 1600s until the present day, there have been many Newlins that follow  the Quaker faith.. The Quaker religion was founded by George Fox in about 1650, in England. In this period there was  constant struggle between the predominant religious groups, all of whom wished to have their religion accepted by governmental authority and be declared the state religion. Not only were there religious reasons for this, but monetary as well. The religion that was  the state religion could collect a tithe from each citizen, whether they were members of that religion or not. This caused much difficulty for those who belonged to other faiths, those who wished their hard earned money to go to the religion of their choice, rather than one chosen for them by their ruler. By the 1600s, there were several hundred different religious sects in England, the Quakers being only one of this number.  Quakers refused to give tithes to state churches and would not take oaths to the crown, thus making them targets of any standing government. Their religious beliefs prevented them from lending any support, either personal or monetary, to any group who engaged in physical violence, for theirs was a religion that embraced pacifism. As governments kept, and used armies, Quakers could neither, by the tenants of their faith, lend support, in any way; nor  pledge allegiance to any but God, thus doubly angering the government. 

      In 1681 the land which is now Pennsylvania was given to William Penn to settle a huge debt owed to his father, by the King of England. William Penn, a devout Quaker, used this land grant to create Pennsylvania as a Quaker colony, thus beginning the Quaker tide of emigration.

    What follows is by no means  a genealogical study of ALL the Newlins who descend from our original emigrants, Nicholas and his son Nathaniel, but rather one detailing my own particular line.  I do have other information on other lines not included here,  so feel free to contact me if you feel we may be "cousins".    

    I will start out with my own generation and then move backward till reaching my first documented  Newlin ancestor.  You may scroll down and see all the Newlins in my own particular family,  generation by generation, and then click on any of these folks for  more  information about them, their lives and other children, and much more about the maternal lines they married into.  I have also listed some of the wills and other resources I used to compile this information, but not all, by any means.  You may contact me for more of my documentation.  

    The backgrounds used on the different pages are specific to the individual, and there will be a note describing  each. This first one is of the Chester Meeting House, that the Newlins help established.   I hope you find the information helpful, and will contact  me with anything you KNOW to be true, and don't find recorded here..  To enlarge any photographs included on various pages, simply click on the photo.


Sandra Sue NEWLIN (1942- )Newspaper article about me and a family quilt)         Kenneth        Merrill FERGUSON  (1942-  ) 


Howard West NEWLIN (1912-1962)        Alice Caroline CONRAD (1914-1983)


Alfred Ross NEWLIN (1877-1934)       Pearl Mae BERRY (1885-1941


Robert L. Newlin(1845-1935)        Sarah Jane LAKE (1854-1926)


Elisha Phipps NEWLIN (ca 1818-1855)   Ruth Ann Frame (1818-1900)                                                            


James Franklin NEWLIN  (1791-1876)         Sarah PHIPPS (1797-1870)


Joseph NEWLIN  (1754-1854)         Mary BAKER (1752-1836)


Nicholas NEWLIN (1726-1765)      Ann HALL Walter(1721-1808)


Nathaniel NEWLIN (1690-1731)       Jane Woodward (1687-1737)


Nathaniel NEWLIN (1665-1728)       Mary MENDENHALL (1660-1728)


Nicholas NEWLIN  (ca 1625-1699)       Elizabeth Paggott   ( ca 1630- )



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