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The most obvious news is the fact that the website has been completely renovated.  This is only the second time the website has had a complete layout change since joining the internet in 2003.  The first time the website was renovated was in 2007.


The website hasn't been updated for the past few years because the program used to create the website (Microsoft Frontpage/Web Expression) is no longer supported by Angelfire (the host of this website).  This left the webmaster with no way of updating the website without completely changing everything and starting over from scratch.


It has been a very hectic year for Bandytown residents because of the crazy weather.  We were hit HARD by the derecho in June and remained without power, phone and water for nine days.  Hurricane Sandy brought back déjà vu as it slammed Bandytown bringing several inches of wet snow.  The snowstorm had blizzard conditions and left residents without phone and power for four days. 

For your convenience we have kept all of the old and outdated news.



Check out this graphic photo gallery -Remembering Lindytown: A Journey Through the Transistion


Frontier is taking great pride in their efforts to "clean up Verizon's mess." They have been spotted in the area repairing lines and correctly fixing problems.


Lindytown has been completely destroyed and all of the houses are gone except for those who did not sale their properties. We will be uploading a memorial photo gallery soon!


Twilight Park has received a fresh paint job and new playground equipment.


Lindytown has been used lately by fire departments all over the county. The fire departments have been practicing rescue efforts and training skills in the old houses.


The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia movie will be released on DVD on October 26, 2010! The DVD will be available at retailers everywhere and is available now for Preorder on This movie is a MUST SEE and features Dancing Outlaw Jesco White and his wild and outrageous family.


Bandytown residents Donna Price and Leo Cook were recently featured on the 700 Club and CBN News for a special news report called "The High Cost of Mining for Coal" The news report can be view online at The report also shows what is left of Lindytown.


The Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC) is trying to protect Twilight from facing the same fate as Lindytown. OVEC has recently launched a website which tells about a plan to purchase the Mooney property at Twilight in efforts to protect Twilight from being the next town to be bulldozed on Route 26. More information can be found on the website listed above!


Bandytown/Twilight residents are urged to fill out their Census 2010 papers. The Census will be visiting residents homes starting on May 1st.


More drama unfolds at Lindytown as Massey brings in the heavy equipment and destroys all the houses on the left-hand side of Lindytown. Lindytown was a hot topic on the recent "Forum on the Future of Coal" debate which was held at the University of Charleston and featured Don Blankenship CEO of Massey Energy and environmentalist Robert F Kennedy Jr.


Bandytown, like most of West Virginia, has been hit hard by mother nature this winter. A major snow storm moved into WV on 12/18 and left 16 inches of snow in Bandytown and nearly 21 inches in nearby area Lindytown. Nearly all of Boone County was without power for several days with the exception of surprisingly Bandytown and Twilight. Not all residents of Bandytown were fortunate enough to have power. A section of the "holler" aka Wilbarn Street were without power for several days. Lindytown holdouts were without power for nearly 9 days!




Dancing Outlaw fans need to head over to eBay for the chance of a lifetime. There is an auction currently going featuring 3 DVD's, 3-8x10 photos, 2-4x6 photos, 2-stickers, and autographs from Jesco himself and also from his sister Mamie. The auction features photos that have never before been available to fans. These photos are from Jesco's own personal collection. One of the photos features Jesco at Hank William Jr's cabin in Tennessee with Hank Jr, Hank 3 and producer Storm Taylor. Some of the other photos feature Jesco and Mamie in cartoon form from their upcoming episodes of "Squidbillies" airing in 2010 on Cartoon Network. Visit this link to take you directly to the auction or simply visit eBay and search for Jesco White. Visit this link to take you directly to the auction or simply visit eBay and search for Jesco White.


The West Fork has been getting a lot of publicity this week with the situation in Lindytown getting a lot of media attention. Lindytown is now a modern day ghost town with rows of abandoned and boarded up houses with only one family remaining in the area. The family of Lawrence and Quinnie Richmond are the last family remaining in Lindytown. They say they have been living in their home for 62 years and they aren't about to leave it now. The Coal Valley News first ran two stories in last weeks edition 11/25/09 then WCHS-TV8 traveled to Lindytown to do a story about the Richmond family staying in their home. All of these stories can be read online at Coal Valley News and the video from WCHS-TV8 can be viewed by clicking here on their website. *UPDATE* Another write-up about MTR (Mountain Top Removal) was in this weeks edition of Coal Valley News and they did a brief interview with Twilight local Michael Workman about the situation at Lindytown. Massey spokesperson Jeff Gillenwater also claims that previous reports of Lindytown being "bulldozed" was completely inaccurate. Gillenwater also claimed that Massey currently had no plans to buy out Twilight. Stay tuned for more info! *UPDATE* Lindytown was featured in an article in the Daily Mail Newspaper yesterday 12/14 and has since been featured once again on WCHSTV8 News and also on WSAZ 3 News.

Things could continue to get interesting in Lindytown as Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC) members have recently spoken publicly about the change that has occurred in the once populated rural community. OVEC members claim in about six month no one will know that Lindytown ever existed and they are planning on holding a vigil or a "funeral" for residents who loved the community and considered it home.


After years of waiting patiently, high-speed internet is officially available in Bandytown. Colane Cable has began providing high-speed cable Internet in the Bandytown/Twilight area. It's been a long time in the coming and we would like Colane to know that it is very much appreciated. In the digital age we live in today high-speed Internet is nearly as important as power and water and it helps us be competitive in today's business world. has been renewed for two more years! We look forward to continuing to keep you updated on all the latest news, pictures and happenings!


Getting to Bandytown just got a little easier as County Route 26 was recently paved from Van bridge to Gordon side of Johnny Hill.


Bandytown, Twilight and Gordon residents were "cut off" from the rest of the world on 9/9 after a coal train derail blocking County Route 26 for several hours. Motorist traveling in the area were frustrated after being stranded in the area with no other way in or out of the holler. There were no injuries from the accident, but there is a large mess to clean up. The train was loaded with coal and coming from Massey Energy's Talon Loadout (aka Old Bethlehem Mines) when it derailed at the Sandfield/Y&O crossing and also blocking the Gordon crossing near "The Grill." For more information and pictures read the articles on 13NEWS or WSAZ by clicking on the station names.


The Bandytown spy has posted an update featuring all the latest news and gossip! The update can be viewed here or on the Bandytown Spy's Myspace located at


A very destructive thunderstorm moved through Bandytown leaving a mess nobody imagined possible. The high winds swept through town snapping trees down as if they were matchsticks. The storm ripped power and phone lines in half and blocked roads for hours. There were several instances of property damage reported including a tree falling on a house. It's a sad day in the history of Bandytown as the famous "Chicken Tree" is no longer with us. The "Chicken Tree" was one of the many trees uprooted during the storm. Verizon claims phone service to the Bandytown/Twilight/Lindytown area should be restored by Friday 5/5. Verizon claims they will have to run new lines into the area due to the heavily damaged lines.


The Jesco section of the website has been updated with all of the latest information about the Dancing Outlaw and his family. The trailer for the new documentary about the White family has been released and has already caused a mountain of controversy. Jesco's sister Mamie spoke out about the new film in a press release and in television interviews. She is furious about how the film depicts her and her family. For more information visit theJesco section of our website listed under the "Just for Fun". The official movie site including the trailer can be found at


An early morning hit and run left one resident furious with property damage. Apparently, someone traveling on County Route 26 was speeding through town and lost control of their vehicle and crashed into a fence. The vehicle then proceeded to return to the main road and drive away leaving a group of witnesses behind.


Jesco White's new CD is now available for more information please visit or pick up your own copy of the CD at the following retail locations: The Grapevine in Madison, WV or Budget Tapes and Records in Charleston, WV.


Two logging companies have moved into Bandytown tag teaming one mountain and making it as bare as possible. The loggers are cutting anything and everything and leaving a mess behind. would like to give a special congratulations to Van Jr./Sr. High School which was recently named one of America's Best High Schools by U.S. News! Van Jr./Sr. High is featured on the list with only the best of the best high schools in America.


Trouble at Frasure Creek mines! Last week a tractor trailer carrying power poles hit the entrance bridge to Frasure Creek mines and resulted in power poles being scattered on county route 26. Van Fire Department responded to the accident and provided traffic control. On 12/15 a fire broke out at Frasure Creek's new prep plant resulting in large flames erupting from the newly built structure. Once again Van Fire Department responded and got the situation under control.


The "Dancing Outlaw" Jesco White is featured on the front page of the 11/18 edition of the Boone Standard. Jesco recently performed what was labeled as is last live show ever at the Shamrock in Huntington. The show sold out days before the event and brought a large crowd to the area. The show was a part of Jesco's recent tour which was centered around his upcoming MTV/CMT documentary. Jesco and Hasil Adkins was recently endorsed to be candidates for the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame. Jesco and sister Mamie recently traveled to Nashville to perform at the historic Ryman Auditorium. For more information on Jesco visit our Jesco Page or read the full article from the Boone Standard here.


Bandytown residents are getting ready for the upcoming holiday season. Christmas decorations are popping up all throughout town showing that the upcoming holiday is approaching quickly.


Frasure Creek has been continuing to work on their stream restoration project at the beginning of Bandytown. The project has been continuing for months now and is leaving the river in great condition.


Verizon apparently replaced 2000 feet of telephone lines in sections throughout the Bandytown area. They worked for several days on the project, however the lines still have poor quality. Verizon is currently under investigation by the West Virginia Public Service Commission for poor quality service throughout West Virginia. Verizon still has the nerve to claim they take service problems "very seriously" and that they do a "solid job" in West Virginia.


West Fork residents are apparently not going to be friends with Appalachian Power either. Residents are complaining of the constant power outages with no reasons or explanations. The week before last the power was out over five times even on hot and sunny days.


The population on the West Fork is expected to decrease as Massey Energy announced plans to "buyout" Lindytown. Residents of Lindytown were given notice on Friday 4/18 that Massey Energy was interested in purchasing their properties and relocating them. Massey Energy's Progress Coal has plans for a "high wall miner" that will be located nearby which would result dust and noisy conditions. They feel it's best for everyone to clear the area, however it's not a mandatory "buyout." *UPDATE* According to the Boone Standard, Lindytown residents have been given a couple of options for their properties. The first option would be for 90 days for an upfront payment of $1,000 and have the right to extend for another 90 days for paying an additional $1,000. Each potential option would have the right to close one of the various instruments listed below as selected by property owner.A. Purchase and Sale1. Agreement - outright purchase2. Purchase with the right to lease back at three times the thousand dollar purchase (i.e. if we buy it for $60,000 monthly rent would be $180). 3. Purchase with a reserved Life Estate.B. Easement, Release and Agreement1. One time payment of $25,0002. Monthly payment of $400 as long as we are mining within 10,000 feet of the dwelling.


The Martha Freewill Baptist Church in Bandytown and the Star of Bethlehem Freewill Baptist Church in Twilight recently joined forces for their annual Vacation Bible School on June 9-13 with over 50 in attendance.


We are sad to report that Mrs. Berty Mae White (Jesco's mom) has passed away. She died Sunday morning (6/1) after a long illness. The "Miracle Woman" will be buried at Greene Cemetery in Bandytown. She is survived by her nine kids, 34 grandchildren and 48 great-grandchildren. Her obituary can be read here and you may leave condolences for the family in a special guestbook.


A special "Thank You" goes to Massey Energy's Progress Coal who donated gravel to repair the access road to Mid Ferrell Cemetery.


A powerful storm on Friday 4/11 left residents of Bandytown in the dark for over 24 hours. The storm had powerful winds and rain which resulted in many downed trees and debris everywhere. Power and phone service was restored Saturday evening. County Route 26 was a mess all the way to Van with the road being blocked in many different places and even downed power lines that were on fire laid beside the road.


"The Law" has been making several appearances on the West Fork lately busting speeding motorist. Residents of Bandytown have begged for years to have someone slow down speeders and nothing ever came of it but empty promises. Only now with it being an election year, the NASCAR auditions for the Bandytown 500 have been canceled.


There was an important meeting held on March 22, 2008 concerning the Mid Ferrell Cemetery. There was 33 people in attendance at the meeting. During the meeting there was a committee of four people selected to oversee some of the things that need to be taken care of at the cemetery, such as road work, drainage pipe, and cutting of some of the dangerous trees. We are taking donations of $25 of more yearly to help pay for the upkeep of the cemetery. A bank account has been established at Boone County Bank in the name of Mid Ferrell Cemetery Fund. If you wish to donate please make a check payable to Mid Ferrell Cemetery Fund and mail to Richard Lee White P.O. BOX 21 Twilight, WV 25204




A list of everyone buried at Mid Ferrell Cemetery and also the Greene Cemetery has been compiled. With the help of everyone we can make sure that these lists are accurate and precise and preserve them for many years to come. There are graves that are extremely old and illegible or unmarked at the cemeteries. If you know who any of those people are please email us to add to the list. Please click GREENE CEMETERY to view that list and click MID FERRELL CEMETERY to view the list for that cemetery.


Check out our new "Dancing Outlaw" page featuring all the information you would possibly want to know about Jesco and his family. The page features a brief biography and FAQ!


We have added a new feature to the site titled "Bandytown Tour 2008." The photo album offers a tour of Bandytown from start to finish with 108 new photos. The tour features every house in Bandytown, the Greene Cemetery, and also Twilight Park. The new photo albums offers visitors a chance to comment on individual photos and also gives them printing options. So give it a try and tell us what you think! Click here to bring up the album or simply visit the Photos section of the website.


For those of you who don't know our friends at are no longer in service. The website has apparently been shut down indefinitely. If anyone has any further information please email us. However, even though we lost Prenter we are proud to announce we have gained two more communities joining Bandytown on the Internet. Gordon, West Virginia and Y&O Camp, West Virginia have recently found a home on the Internet. Check out www.gordonwv.comfor all the latest news, photos, and much more. The site features all kinds of old photos from the old Y&O mines and the area in general. It's definitely worth a look!


It's been a cold week especially in Bandytown!! Residents of Bandytown, Twilight, and Lindytown were left without power for over 17 hours on one of the coldest days of the year. The power problem was apparently up Brown's Branch holler. This is the second time there has been power troubles there in less than a month. "Can you hear me now"?? Due to the neglected phone service on the West Fork, as soon as the power goes out so does the phone service. Residents, including many elderly were left without power, phone, and heat and had nothing they could do about. They had no way to call for help or let relatives know they were ok. Verizon claimed months ago they would replace the battery backup system to prevent this problem in the future and as usual they didn't. They could care less about anyone, but themselves.


A snowstorm dropped several inches of snow in Bandytown and left roads a mess. Boone County Schools were closed for two days and had a 2 hour delay on the third day.


For information on "Friends of Coal" and our opinion on Jupiter Coal's current legal situation please click here.

The house that was for sale on Wilbarn Street has been purchased and new neighbors are expected to be joining the community in the future.


Disrespectful neighbors caused "the law" to pay a visit to Bandytown in the early hours of Saturday morning. The neighbor responsible for the noisy incident lives on Rosemont Drive and has been known to blare loud music at all hours of the night. Every time the cops comes to his house he won't answer the door and this most recent incident had a different turnout. After the cops were banging loudly on the door, the landlord who happens to live next door was rudely awaken. After yelling back and forth with the cop about what was going on the landlord let the cop into the house and the loud music was turned off. However, after the loud music and all the screaming and yelling was over; most residents decided they may as well just stay up. Some people just aren't considerate of others.


Apparently, a crime wave has paid a visit to Bandytown. Over the last few weeks several of our street signs have been stolen by sign snatchers. The most recent theft was the worst of all as our most beloved sign was stolen. The Bandytown sign was stolen early Saturday morning and still remains missing. The perpetrator(s) need to be reminded that stealing road signs is highly illegal and is a felony when you are caught. It is extremely dangerous to residents because the 25mph speed limit sign was stolen and speeders now have a reason to go even faster through town. UPDATE:The Bandytown sign has been located and carefully returned to it's former location!


Getting to Bandytown just got a little easier as a large section of County Route 26 was paved on 5/10. The new pavement stretches from the Gordon side of Johnny Hill to the Bethlehem slate dump bridge.

New gas wells are being drilled in both of the left-hand hollers up in Bandy's Branch.

An old house is being torn down on Wilbarn Street to make room for a brand new home to be built on the site.

Plans to build a brand new ladies aide building is currently in talks at the Martha Freewill Baptist Church. Apparently, the church wants to place the new building behind the current church and demolish the old building and make a larger parking area.


A meeting was held 4/19 at the Van Nutritional Center regarding two permit renewals. It was attending by the WVDEP and concerned residents of Bandytown, Twilight, and Lindytown. The meeting lasted approximately an hour and several people voiced their opinions.


A major accident halted traffic for over 3 hours Monday 4/2. The accident can't be described as anything else but a "freak accident." A Boone County school bus was traveling on Boone County Route 26 going towards Van after dropping off kids when a large tree came crashing down on top of the bus. The driver and a teacher's aide was immediately rushed to Boone Memorial Hospital. The story was aired on WSAZ News Channel 3 and also on WOWK 13 News and can also be heardhere. For more information and several pictures or to hear the news cast click here.


The story can also be found on WSAZ News Channel 3website and also on WOWK 13 News website both featuring more photos from the scene! You may also leave your comments on the accident at the WSAZ website.


A new census concludes Bandytown's population to be 121 !


The rumor of coal trucks once again hauling coal through Bandytown from Frasure Creek Mining to Progress Coal at Twilight was proven to be true. In related news, someone needs to inform the guy that sweeps the roads down there that he needs to get a move on and turn some lights on after dark before he gets squished.


A local resident took a backhoe and cleaned up most of the upper holler and the church parking lot, but left driveways and others yards unattended.


Rumor has it that the Bandytown Spy has hit MySpace. For those with MySpace don't hesitate to add the Bandytown Spy to your list. The spy can be found at


It's sad to report that the Bandytown sign at the beginning of town has been vandalized. Some people apparently have no respect for others and their property. Fortunately, some Bandytowners took paint remover and successfully restored the sign.


A new sign was purchased and placed at Twilight Park!


Twilight Park has been seeing some action lately. Besides a new sign being placed at the Twilight Community park recently, there was a portapotty placed up there. Apparently, the bathrooms and concession stand will be torn down and replaced with a new picnic shelter. For those of you who haven't seen the sign it welcomes visitors to the park and has a small list of rules. The sign also makes it clear that Massey Energy donated the swing sets and see saws to the park. There have been rumors that Massey plans on donating a large flowerbed and new grills. So let's hope for the best and see what happens.


Many people will be receiving a visit from a contractor that has been hired to get people's names and addresses that live in Bandytown. The blasting from the strip mines requires a visit to everyone's home to do a "pre-survey" in case there is damage as a result of blasting. The people who are taking pictures are going to be in for more than they bargain for.


Apparently, there has been more phone trouble in the Bandytown/Twilight area. Apparently, the phones went out and resulted in a call to 9-1-1 (no pun intended)! Verizon showed up to repair the mysterious problem. Surprisingly, they weren't ran off due to the overwhelming dislike of the phone company.


Check out our latest addition to the site "Bandytown Stories." Here you will find stories that have been sent in by viewers of this site. If you have a story of your own please share them with us by sending it to!


There is a new guestbook bandit apparently! They just don't realize what they have started. The "bandit" has already been reported and all of their IP logs have been documented. Furthermore, there are multiple screen captures taken for evidence showing the extent and nature of the entries. This is clearly abuse and it will not be tolerated. You were forewarned and you apparently decided to disregard the terms and now your not our problem.


For all of you that don't know; it is HIGHLY illegal to harass, threaten and/or slander people online just the same as it is offline. While you are on the Internet you are assigned an "IP" and this number can be traced and used to identify you and your location. Let this be a lesson for us all folks! Besides the obvious "Don't mess with Bandytown" everyone should have learned that you can't hide behind the computer.


The Bandytown website hit counter still continues to climb.


We are now almost up to 20,000 keep them coming!


There have been several sightings of "the law" reported visiting Bandytown. That's right Boone County's finest have been seen in several different locations in and around Bandytown recently. Maybe is has to do the with overwhelming speeding problem.


Several bright lights have been added to the old Bethlehem mines.


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A snow storm hit Bandytown a couple weeks ago and left behind terrible road conditions and no power! Apparently, the power went out because something went wrong at the old Bethlehem mines. After power was restored to Bandytown, the power remained out in Twilight and Lindytown due to a transformer catching on fire and burning the pole and the lines. Christmas Lights were the obvious suspects.


The latest Bandytown population census concludes that there are approximately 134 people living in Bandytown and seventy residential establishments. These figures are including people/establishments in the Bandy's Branch and also the Preston's Branch areas. These figures also include 12 abandoned or empty "residential establishments" or places where people possibly "could" live. The population figures may or may not be exact so give or take a few numbers.


Apparently, many residents have complained about the phone service in Bandytown. For those of you that don't know the phones in Bandytown sometimes pop and make all kinds of strange noises especially when it rains! Supposedly, Verizon is supposed to replace all of the phone lines to Bandytown/Twilight because the lines being used now are from the late 1960's to early 1970's. Apparently, the lines have already been replaced from Van to the the Gordon side of Johnny Hill. Work should begin sometime after the first of the year!


A large truck broke down in the middle of the road next to the chicken tree and thanks to the brave Bandytowners who flagged traffic motorist traveling the "Bandytown Turnpike" made it thru town safely.


In other news, a truck pulling and trailer with a truck cab on it lost its contents and resulted in a truck cab falling off the trailer and landing in the road nearly falling in the river. Several contents fell out of the cab and went all over the road. After several minutes the accident was cleaned up!


The WET BANANA page has been updated and divided into two pages for easier and faster loading. For the many of you who are wondering what a wet banana is go here and have all of your questions answered! Our new WET BANANA page has complete information and loads of pictures!


The large tree in the center of town was cut down despite a landowners disapproval. The state road cut the large tree down the other day because it was a hazard to motorist.


A speeding miner had an accident as he struck the cement bridge at Brown's Branch and thanks to the help of a Bandytowner he was able to flag traffic and keep things moving.


Check the Jesco Update in the Links for an article that was in the Charleston Gazette and the Daily Mail.

New link added to website with photos of the old Y&O Mines and also some other old photos so go check it out !


This website has officially been added to all search engines! The easiest search engine to find being You simply type in "Bandytown" and this website will appear in the search results.

The latest additions to Twilight Park include: a large swing set, teeter-totters, some trash cans, and a brand new basketball backboard and net. We're movin' on up!


We are truly overwhelmed by the guestbook entries. When this site was created we had no idea that so many people would visit and even comeback regularly. Who would have thought Bandytown would have lured in so many people to our little online home. Just can't emphasize it enough "there's just no place like Bandytown". God Bless Bandytown!


We are sad to report that The Twilight company store is no more. The building was completely destroyed as well as all of the surrounding buildings.


A series of storms resulted in minor flooding and a large tree falling at the Mid Ferrell Cemetery. Only a few monuments were disturbed but fortunately no major damage.


Looks like a speeding miner almost caused an accident after he nearly rear ended a Bandytown resident who was simply trying to pull out of their driveway. When will they learn?


For weeks now several large trucks hauling all sorts of equipment have been traveling through Bandytown causing all sorts of havoc. One truck even tore down several power lines at the Van bridge causing traffic problems.


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....................and they say nothing ever happens in Bandytown!