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Acer Palmatum (un-named) @ £5.00, 7.50, 15.00, 20.00 & 25.00.

Larger Acers, up to 1.5 metres height, including some of the following species, individually priced according to size & variety.

Named varieties @ £15.00 each: approximately 12 - 18 inches (3 year grafts).

Please check availability of specific varieties as quantities vary considerably from year to year.


Asahi zuru: Palmatum - variegated
Attractive medium bush. Spring growth pink/white/green. Summer foliage medium green with strong irregular markings.
Beni maiko: Palmatum - red
Small irregular leaves. Brilliant scarlet-red in spring, turning pinkish-red to red-green in summer.
Butterfly:Matsumurae - variegated
Attractive small leafed medium bush, with cream on pale green variegation.
Deshojo: Palmatum - red
New leaves briefly brilliant carmine red. Lighter green often reddish bronze edges. Upright form to 4m (unusually as wide as tall).
Higasayama: Palmatum - variegated
Unusual leaf form:crinkly, turned up others twisted downwards - unique appearance. Colours very changeable.
Moonfire: Palmatum - red - atropurpureum
Excellent purple-red (almost black-red iridescent). Deep colour through summer. Crimson in autumn. Upright form: max. ht 7m.
Osakazuki: Amoenum - green
Famous for intense crimson autumn colour. Green in spring. Hardy, sturdy, grows fast early hears then slows. Max height 8m.
Senkaki: Sango kaku: Palmatum - green
Outstanding feature Coral colour bark. Green foliage in summer. Showy yellow-golden tones in autumn. Brilliant coral bark in winter.
Versicolor: Palmatum variegated
Hardy upright, 7m in 25-40years. Bright green bark on young wood. Green leaves with white streaks, flecks, and blotches.
Wakehurst Pink: Matsumurae - variegated
Large greenish leaves pink flushed in spring becoming greenish bronzed with pink dots.Upright habit to 4m x almost 4m over 15 yrs.
Dissectum Nigrum: also known as 'Ever Red'                                   
New shoots & leaves covered by fine silver hairs. Rich deep red colour held longer than many other cultivars.
Late summer bronze, green. Rich, bright red tones prominent in autumn.
Ornatum: red
Bronze red in spring, brilliant tone. Greenish late summer - prominent crimson red in autumn.

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