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Pond Refurbishment

We approached this project with some trepidation and a lot of preparation. Robert used a sheet of netting to corral the fish, and carp nets to catch them. The fish were housed in a 2,000 gallon swimming pool while the pond was drained, cleaned and refilled. We were relieved to discover that the liner remained in excellent condition (after 20 years in situ), and the fish were unaffected by the upheaval. It took 5 days to complete the job. The following pictures tell the story.

Phase One: Catching & Moving the Fish


Phase Two: Emptying & Cleaning the Pond

..............   ...............

Phase Three: Refilling the Pond & Returning the Fish

Prior to refilling Robert redesigned certain areas edging the pond, & also constructed a spawning bed. The fish went into breeding mode approximately 3 weeks after returning to the pond : Robert collected the eggs & is now raising some fry.


The Crew (left to right) Robert, Andy M, Angela & Andy H: Not in pic - Elaine (busy in greenhouse) & myself, Stella, (behind the lens).

I was able to take some good shots of the fish while they were in their temporary home (swimming pool), & these can be viewed on the Fish Pics page.

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