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Updated - 3.10.2009
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Updated - 12-2-2018 ( GREEN)

Garage Tested
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After an almost ten year hiatus, because of age and a shoulder replacement, the retro-fit of  C-2/C-3 Corvette Power Steering has begun.

The website will be updated, changed where needed. There will be an attempt to edit out some information.

This page was created in 2009, some links may still work - - - -some may not.

The entire purpose of this site is to be a working plan & recorded reference for the author.

This page or any links

to be instructional

in any form!!!


There is an added section near the bottom of this page,
which includes info and pictures of the installtion.

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Control Valve ball stud/hose orientation


So. . . as geezers, pre-geezers and folks looking to improve our vannin' experience there is a "need" for an effective, "simple, cheap & easy" method to install power steering in our first and second generation vans.

Before moving on, I must thank Optik , Sparky  & M1Dadio(2018) for their completed and working power steering conversions - - they are all great!!! As always - - - I am just looking for "cheap & easy".

Following are some research and thoughts I have:

'64 - '70 Chevrolet Van Steering Set-up


click to enlarge
'55 - '59 Pick-up Truck Power Steering
click to enlarge

First ignore the power steering pump in '55 - '59 diagram. Back in the day Chevy mounted the power steering pumps on the back of the generator. They work just like late models pumps, just a different mount.

The drag link (item #12 - Van diagram) lengths of the van( 28" center-to-center) & pick-up trucks (approx. 15") are vastly different lengths. The mounting is  essentially the same. They are identical ( if you swap the ends of the '59 unit). They both connect to a pitman arm and the steering arm. Visualize the control valve end of the '59 unit on the steering arm end of van drag link - - - - now scroll down looking over the components pictured.

CCP '55 - '59 Chevy Truck Power Steering Kit
Classic Performance

59 ccp steering
The following was used on Corvettes
and Full size Chevys for many years

Trucks - '55 - '59
Passenger cars '55- '64

'63 - '82 Corvette Steering

corvette steering

The power steering valve (control valve) is mounted
on the relay rod because of clearance issues.

The following  thoughts began in 2009. They have been modified, as noted, since.

Using the stock '64 - '70 van drag link, cut the steering arm end off, being careful that the rod end to rod end center remains the stock length. Machine thread the "cut" end to screw into the Corvette Control Valve. (Will not work)

Install the power cylinder steering cylinder using the stock Corvette mount and a tie rod mount from CPP. (fabricated mount)

Install custom hoses & lines, power steering pump and van - on!!!

  1. Does the cylinder have enough travel ? (yes)
  2. Corvette control valve:
    1. the same length & taper as the van steering arm? (No, see picture above)
    2. van rod diameter the same as the control valve end?
      •  (No, will use a NAPA ES409LT tie rod, corresponding tie rod coupler which will be connected to a fabricated rod. One end of the rod will be 5/8" - 18. The other end of the rod will be machined to screw into the Corvette Control Valve - 1" - 16.)
  3. Tie rod mounting bracket - - CCP ??? [fabricated mount - see pic]
  4. Clearances:
    1. between tie rod and axle (steering cylinder) [O.K.] - see image above
    2. at the end of the steering arm end of the drag link at full left turn. (control valve clearance) [ALMOST]

I will continue, as much as possible, to shop stores which are accessible for all of us.

Cost Estimates
[2.08.2009] [no 3.20.2014 update] [11/24/2018 - update]
I am not sure if the Corvette America prices are current. I checked Auto Zone for the Corvette and Granada control valves and cylinder. Their prices are higher (without shipping) for both.
  1. Control valve
    1. (Corvette America) - PN 1999          - $199.99
          Rebuilt - -  kit  - -  $
  2. Cylinder (Corvette America) - PN X2171 -   $139.99
          Rebuilt - - Kit 1  - kit 2 - - $
  3. Drag link (NOS/used ?)                         $125.00
  4. hoses - (I have A/C - PS hose crimper)    - $200.00
    • Making hoses - website
    • Hoses & fittings purchased from
                  PIRTEC - -awesome company - - $170.00
  5. Brackets;
    1. Cylinder frame mount - PN 30910  -   $35.99 (modified to mount on axle)
        - custom fabricated - see above picture
    2. Cylinder tie rod connection -   (see above images)
  6. Power steering pump -
    • Auto Zone PN 6154                     $78.99
      Summit Racing -"Clearance" Rack - - $30.00
  7. Power steering pump mount - Website     $45.50
    Summit Racing "Clearance" Rack - -       $15.00
  8. Balancer pulley - 3 groove pulley           $45.99
    Summit Racing "Clearance" Rack - -        $25.00
                                                      TOTAL - $922.44


63 - '82 Corvette Power Steering Cylinder

van vette cylinder

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'63 - '82 Corvette Power Control Valve

control valve

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the  ball stud on the left was removed from
a NAPA ES409L tie rod. The ball portion will
machined to the ball dimensions of the
removable Corvette ball stud on the right.
Drag Link Replacement
  • Tie rod end (@ pitman arm) NAPA ES 409L
  • Adjusting Sleeve - NAPA NCP 2691109
  • fabricated bar (4130 steel) to connect tie rod to Corvette Control Valve
  • Corvette Control Valve

Drag Link


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Drag Link
(replaced by parts to the left)

drag link small

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Drag Link

The removeable tapered Corvette Control Valve ball stud
is not the correct size
to fit a 2nd gen Van steering arm.

The ball stud in a NAPA ES409LT tie rod is the correct size.
The NAPA ball stud end will be machined to fit the Corvette Control Valve, (completed)


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Control Valve ball stud/hose orientation
Please note:
The stock orientation of the ball stud and Control Valve
Hose locations "should" be turned 180°
Doing so, will allow the hoses to be better routed,
as well as reducing stree on the hoses

Stock Ball Stud/Hose Orientation

As installed on my Van
Drag Link


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Parts to Install
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Brackets & Mounts

Axle Mount Bracket

Power Steering Assist Cylinder modification
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Cylinder Piston Mount
to Tie-rod

tie rod cyl mnt
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Cylinder Piston Mount
to Tie-rod
(rear view)
Click to Enlarge
Axle Mount Bracket

Power Steering Assist Cylinder

M1Dado design

The rod pictured is threaded
because it was previously modified to
mount into the axle.
The threads are not needed.

Moving the above mount from the axle to the bracket
 mount was needed to insure the steering assist piston
is absolutely parallel with the tie rod assembly

Midadio design



Rebuild a Corvette Control Valve

Steering Control Valve

There are clearances issues for both 1st & 2nd Generation Vans

The following addresses only 2nd Generation Vans.

This 1967 GMC Van
 a factory sway bar
and a M1Dadio
Front Disc Brake Conversion
For the Corvette Control Valve to clear
both the Sway Bar Lower Mounts
the Disc Brake Calipers
new Lower Sway Bar Mounts need to be fabricated.

The '67 - '70 Sway Bar Mounts will be addressed further down.

Many thanks to BvrWalley for making the drive and taking pictures of his stored van. Take a look at the following pictures, mentally build a virtual power steering system. Please send me your thoughts, (js)

For reference ONLY
Does not apply to '67 - '70  Van

Control Valve will not Clear
(Must modify as shown in adjacentr pic)

'64 - '66 Vans
van drag sway bar

Click to Enlarge

For reference ONLY
Does not apply to 
'67 - '70  Van
 ONE example of PS Install

'64 - '66 Vans

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vette control valve

Sway Bar Brackets
Will Be addressed further down
The brackets will be
aprx - - 3" longer (higher)

van drag sway 2

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van drag link 3

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van drag link 3
Updated 3.10.09
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Tie rod drawing
All measurements in inches
Drag link end       Corvette Control Valve
A -.74 (3/4")            A -.64
B - .66 (5/8")           B - .53
C - .75                    C - .61
D - .75                    E - .96

Both tapers above are 7º

Ram cylinder
A - .60
B - .60
C - .67
extended link - 26.00"
2/3 retract       - 19.00"

Click to Enlarge
taper compare
The tapered Corvette ball stud on the left is serviceable. The question is can it be replaced with tapered unit from the van drag link? No . . . will use a NAPA ES409LT tie rod, corresponding tie rod coupler which will be connected to a fabricated hardened bar stock. One end of the rod will be 5/8" - 18 [right- hand thread]. The other end of the rod will be machined to screw into the Corvette Control Valve - 1" - 16 [right-hand thread.)
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end measurement
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service kit
Corvette Control Valve
Service Kit
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valve close up

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control valve on vette steering

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vette valve & ram
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vette pitman arm
'68 - '82
Note spline indexing
Control Valve Slideshow

Mounts,. Modifications, Installation

Control Valve, Power Cylinder
Stationary Cylinder mount, Tie Rod Cylinder mount
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Slave/Power Cylinder
AN Adapters #1
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Slave/Power Cylinder
AN Adapters #2
Click to Enlarge
Cylinder  Stationary Mount
top view
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Cylinder  Stationary Mount
End View
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of the completed

coming soon



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