1967 GMC Van

Background Information

The installation is under way (finished 2009). The front unit is a Vintage Air Super Cooler. The rear unit is a Vintage Air Monster Cooler. The engine brackets are ZOOPS #8133. The compressor is a Sanden 705.

Although all the A/C companies I contacted were very helpfull, I decided to go with Vintage Air. They were VERY helpful, answered my e-mails with 24 hours (usually) and have stocking dealers close by. Vintage Air

Because of price and support I used Smitty's Rod Shop near Tiffin, Ohio as my dealer contact. Vintage Air dropped shipped my order at my house. They did not charge for shipping :) .

I will update this site as time permits.

Before I started this project(s) I wanted to install an A/C system while maintaining the existing bracketry & pulleys.(did not work)

The engine is a 1997 350 cu. in. Vortec (engine code "R"). The engine's induction system has been converted to carburation. The intake manifold is an Edelbrock #2116, with a Carter 725 cfm AFB carburetor. The water pump is the stock, long-style, for a 1987 Camaro 305 cu. in. The existing pulleys and alternator mounting brackets are also from a 1987 305 Camaro (which had A/C). (ended up using ZOOPS pulleys with a 3-groove crank pulley)

The engine is positioned between the front seats. As such, there is not much side or top of engine space available. The top opening of the engine box is 20" across. The top of the engine box measures 13" from the top water pump bolt (stock height is 11"). (illustration).

After much research, the Alan Grove bracketry (# 100L) seemed to be a perfect choice. Unfortunately, the will fit only a non-vortec, short water pump small block engine.

I have seen a mock-up of the Zoops # 8133 (Picture) bracketry. The placement of the alternator / compressor seems to be very good. The downside of these brackets is 1).the overall height of the mounted alternator, 2). remounting the alternator, 3).rerouting the upper radiator hose, 4).the possibility of "filling" the front of the engine compartment to the point of making simple maintenance difficult. Finally there is the cleaning of billet components. Then there is the cost.

Although the following brackets have the same downside as items 2 -5 above, the best solution seems to be the Billet specialties brackets P/N 11221 & 11220.

The simplest solution, for this application, would be a left-side (driver's side) low-mount compressor brackets (see photo engine bottom).

After all the above I am using the Zoops #8133

Brackets installed A/C Plumbing Engine 
top 1
top 2
Engine front 1 Engine front 2 Engine front 3 Engine Bottom Head bolt Mounting pattern used these

Engine Bay Engine cradle

A/C price list (prepare for sticker shock)