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merican History
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Constitution Assignment

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Replacement Point Assignment
Submision deadline - October 14, 2011

If you choose to complete this assignment, Mr. Stephens will use the score you receive for this assignment to replace one-half (1/2) of your total incorrect answers for each of the following Chapter Tests 2-1, 2-2 & 3-1. You cannot receive more than 100% for any quiz.

Use the following websites to complete this assignment.

After studying the Reading/Research webite,
please open the Assignment Website
and answer each question completely and correctly.

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Additional Resources

Study Guide for the
Social Studies OGT

Important Handouts

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Declaration of Independence The U.S. Constitution
Bill of Rights U.S. Constitution "On-Line"
Pledge of Allegiance National Anthem (Lyrics)
Northwest Territory
Brief History
Northwest Ordinance
Map of Northwest Territory Western Reserve Map
Virginia Military District Ohio Indian Reservations
Ohio Map 1803 Heights Proficiency Help
Economic Systems Political Systems
Systems of Government
U.S. Branches of Government
U.S. Court System
U.S. Judicial System
Bill to Law procedure
Homework / Study Guides
Declaration of Independence Homework Constitution Vocabulary
Federalism Constitution - Cheat Sheet
Article 1 - Legislature - Article 1 - Legislature - 2
Article 2 - Executive How a Bill becomes a Law
Article 3 - Judicial Court System Chart
Govt. Branches Chart Northwest Territory Homework
. .
Economic System Chart .
. .
. .
. Sample Test - Similar format as OGT - Mr. Stephens

Copies of old Tests
Ohio Graduation Test Central
Practice Test 1
Practice test 2
Practice Test 3
Practice Test 4
Practice Test 5
Practice Test 6

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