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Teddybear Land

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Hi, Welcome to Teddybear Land! Here's some pages to for you to enjoy or send to friends, lovers,
or someone who needs a laugh. Just click on one and enjoy the ride! To send pages copy the address at the top and paste it in an email to your friends! I
hope you enjoy Teddybear Land and that it brings a smile to your face and
laughter to your heart! It might even make you feel kinda warm and cuddly
just like holding onto a soft teddybear!

Friend Pages

Internet Friends Around the Corner I have a Friend Forever Friends Lean On Me
A Friend to Stand By You Just Between Friends A Friend From A-Z Being A Good Friend
Sunshine Along A Weary Way The Child in Me A Teddybear Hug Hugs
Come Take My Hand Best Friends Smile! Bridge Over Troubled Water Time In a Bottle

Angel Pages

An Angel to Watch Over Me Angels Among Us Angels Everybody Gets An Angel
Friends are Like Angels Guardian Angel An Angel By Your Side On Angel Wings

Inspirational Pages

Rules For Being Human Don't Quit A Time For Letting Go A Pizza, A Party, and a Moonlight Ride
Loneliness Things I've Learned Difficult Situations Benifits of Struggling
Enjoy Today I May Never See Tomorrow Words Left Unsaid I'm Different & Unqiue
Today I Got Flowers This Shall Pass

God Pages

What if God Had Answering Machine? God Poem Where is Heaven? Explaining God
God Boxes I'm Free Don't Grieve For Me Where is God? Serenity Prayer

Misc. Pages

I Want To Be 6 Again A Perfect Man Coming Soon Caution! Bad Attitude!
Remember When Tech Joke Little Johnny To Tell The Truth
Where Did Teddy Bears Come From?

My Poems & Drawings

My Info Where I live..West Virginia The Long Road Crying On The Inside
Today Is A New Day
My Drawings

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