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Welcome all EOD!
The EOD Webring is the only webring for any and all who practice the fine art of Explosive Ordnance Disposal, from military EOD to police BOMB SQUADS. If you have an EOD related website, feel free to add it to this ring.

  • Fill out the form below (make up the password yourself).
  • Keep track of the site ID that you are given and your password.
  • Paste the HTML Code that your given by email into your site or use the one below (be sure you paste the code onto the page you list as your URL in the form).
  • Once the Ring code is on your page send an E-mail message to the Ringmaster   informing me of this (please include your URL address and site ID # in the  message).
  • I will view your site to be sure it meets the requirements and that the code is in  place. Then you will be included in the Ring and will receive an E-mail  informing you of this.

  • Submit site to EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Webring
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