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SPSS Syntax files etc

Download Problems. The good folks at Angelfire/Lycos have introduced some changes that may affect access to files of various non-standard types, like SPSS syntax files, for example. To simplify matters, I have changed the extensions on most of my syntax files from .SPS to .txt. Your browser will probably open the .txt file directly, and you may then either copy and paste into an SPSS syntax window, or Save-As and change the extension to .SPS.

SPSS Tutorials

The tutorials listed below are stored in .zip files. You will need a zip-file utility (such as WinZip) to open them. If you don't already have such a utility, you can no doubt find several free ones at sites such as I use PowerArchiver. A couple others are listed on my Programming & Software page (near the bottom of the page). Many thanks to Dr. Douglas Murphy for working through the first draft of these tutorials and finding spots where my instructions were unclear. ('re a grrrea' man, Douglas.)

Syntax files demonstrating how to accomplish various tasks Miscellaneous