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Grimmie at 6 years of age

Grimm at about 3 years of age (above) and about 14 months (below)

Storm's Aristocratic Guardian, aka Grimm, is sired by Storm
Cannon of Royal Oak (Storm Gruffudd of Royal Oak ex Storm
Philly of Swede Road) out of Greiner Hall Madam Mim (Greiner
Hall Falcon ex Greiner Hall Isabella). This is not a very
good picture of him at 18 months of age. We will try to get
some nice pictures up of this beautiful youngster in the near

Grimm at about 14 months of age (above) and about 3 years (below)

Grimm at about 14 months of age (above) and in the two pictures (below) he is about 3 years of age

Grimmie was 8 years 7 months old in the picture below.

Grimmie was 9 years 8 months in this last picture. He was my heart and I miss him daily.

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