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Bart, who is by Big Foot's Mr Outlaw Man out of Bredwardine
Brynhoffnant-UK Import, came to live with us just before his
sixth birthday. Our only regret is we didn't acquire him as a
puppy, he was a wonderful boy and we loved him dearly. He left
us shortly after 9-1/2 years of age. He is Grandson to Mastiff of
the Year 1983 in England; Grandson to Mastiff Bitch of the Year
1985 in England; Grandson to Holder of Bitch CC Record in England;
Gr.Gr.Grandson to 4 times BOB Crufts in England.

A close up of Bart's very typey head.


Hooter is Bart's son out of Storm Gwendoline of Serenity
(Ch. Storm Hammer of Royal Oak ex Loxley Storm Druidess).
He is just at 17 months old in these pictures and still
very immature.

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