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When life hands me lemons....I THROW THEM AT SOMEONE!!!!!!

Marcus Hopkins
West Virginia University: English

NEW FOR 2002!!!

= A LINK!!!

The Weather in Hell

My screen name is Dis Connector VI

And, Behold...Another Year Begins...

I've been Kingsport...Still... I'm more excited, now. Good things are happening all around me. To everyone. I love it. I'm so proud of my girl, and I'm proud to be a Cadet. I love you, all.

These are the links that I want everyone to follow:

Lindsay Carter's Wicked Cool Homepage

The Cadets House

My Friend, Sam's Site.

My Friend, Kat's Live Journal

Kat's Web Site

David Hitchcock's Rarely Upated Page of Debauchery

Please follow each of these links, as they will take you to awesome places.

In October of 2001 I acquired a Live Journal, where I can frequently post my thoughts and feelings...this will be updated more than my "Personal" section, simply because I don't have to code everything in.

Here's the link: Check it out. Comment. Love/Hate.

Updated 25-02-02.

Personal Thoughts and Feelings Section (Updated Daily)

'Friends' Section (MAJOR UPDATE!!! 22-01-02)

My Favorite Movies (New Format 22-01-02' Last Updated 18-03-01)

Carmenes et Poemae Praeteriti (The First Wave)

Carmenes et Poemae Secundi (The Second Wave; Updated & Foreclosed 22-01-02)

discography (Updated 22-01-02)

The Rocky Files (New Format 22-01-02; Last Updated 01-03-01)

The CBC New Fall '01 Line (New Format 22-01-02; Posted 17-09-01)

Musica (The Music of Love Pump Six)


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Absolutely Fabulous People Have Been Interred In My Site

Greetings! Welcome to my home. Enter freely and of your own will, and leave some of the happiness you bring(-Dracula). I am Marcus Hopkins, otherwise known as Dis Connector. There are pictures of me dispersed amongst this site, for those who are interested.

(The Tower Bridge in my TRUE home, London, England.)

Well, that's all for now.

Vale, fratres et sorores sanguinis.

-Marcus Jennings Hopkins

(Welcome to Odd Bins, the most prolific liquor store in all of London. This is the home of Patsy Stone in the British Comedy "Absolutely Fabulous," my favourite show.)

Need I say more??? This is my NIN (that's Nine Inch Nails) concert ticket stub. Great seats, good times, and awesome band. There's a link to their official site at the bottom of this page.

And the Worst Actress in Any Movie Ever Filmed Goes To...
This particular zombie from George A. Romero's classic horror film, "Dawn of the Dead", has attained the highest honour a zombie can obtain. WORST ACTRESS OF THEM ALL!!! She couldn't even manage to be frightening. The classic image of the Zombie Nurse occurs when the zombies are breaking into the heroes' living quartres. The movies tag line ("When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth") seems to be slightly inappropriate in Zombie Nurse's case. Watch as she frantically twists to and fro, with her mouth agape, and eyes dancing with inappropriate glee; watch as she butchers the easiest part in the world by overacting in such a manner as to distract viewers from the heated action. I guess her individual motto is "When there's no more room in hell, the dead will Jazzercize!!!!!!"